Vince Friese, Mitchell Oldenburg Penalized at Abu Dhabi World Supercross Championship

The FIM has issued three penalties to two riders following the World Supercross Championship round in Abu Dhabi on Saturday. 

Vince Friese was docked two positions in Race 1 for “dangerous riding” and was also docked two positions for “leaving the track and gaining an advantage” in Race 3. 

Mitchell Oldenburg was disqualified from race 3 after entering the mechanics area backwards. That’s a new one for us. Never heard of that. 

The below penalties were issued by Race Direction, which is made up of the FIM Delegate, FIM Race Director and Clerk of the Course:

SX Global/WSX’s CEO, Adam Bailey: “As we grow this new FIM World Supercross Championship, racing and the integrity, must be paramount, as is rider safety. As the promoters of the championship, we want to see hard racing that provides an incredible spectacle for fans and spectators; however, we rely on the FIM and their officials, to implement and enforce the rules to ensure both integrity and safety are always maintained.”

Main image: WSX

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