Here Is the Beta RX 450 Which is Coming to the U.S. in December

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Beta’s prototype testing has been going on for more than 4 years and the manufacturer from Florence, Italy is ready to release the production model to the masses, the wait is over for the all-new 2024 450 RX Motocross model! 

Beta has kept no secrets in their desire to chase the world of motocross, with the early USA introduction of the 300 RX 2-stroke model in 2021 about the same time as the first shots were taken of the prototype 450 RX 4-stroke model racing in the MXGP championship. It is officially the first four-stroke motocross bike built by Beta, the 450 RX model was designed to carry on the Beta tradition of Rideability. To offer a ride that is more forgiving while still providing performance that will encourage aggressive riding.

The design is completely new from the ground up. Frame, engine, and all other components are of the highest level of performance and lightness. Beta motorcycles are hand built in Florence, Italy and have been for more than 115 years. The team of engineers are everyday riders and understand the values that a motocross rider is looking for. Quality features such as a push-button seat with a quick-release side access air filter is one of many features found on the 450 RX.

Technical features include:

Frame: Specifically designed and dedicated for motocross. The main spar of the frame is wider in design to withstand the stresses from repeated landings, making it much stiffer overall yet supple enough for cornering. This translates into a precise chassis that provides a planted feeling in the corners along with a light flickable feeling in the air. Powder coated in Italian red. 

Rear sub-frame and filter box: The 450 RX has a new aluminum rear sub-frame which provides rigidity to the bike despite its lightweight, providing the strength needed for the demanding needs of motocross. This new component is perfectly integrated with the new air filter box. The new air filter box, combined with the new 46 mm throttle body, provides the optimum airflow to keep up with the performance of the new engine.

Bodywork: While beautiful in design, follows that of the Beta Off Road Race Editions with all-new three-piece rear plastic for the sleek rear fender and side panels which fit into the new aluminum rear sub-frame and, as previously mentioned, allows access to the filter box via a convenient quick-access side panel. The fuel tank is a smaller design and has a capacity of 1.8 gallons.

Fork and Shock: Kayaba, (KYB) with 48 mm tubes up front and a 50 mm piston shock at the rear. Both components are completely adjustable including compression, rebound and spring preload and represent an ideal compromise between rideability and performance, thanks to continuous development on the track. The bike has been set up by the Beta technicians in Italy to make for a stable and supple ride. 

Wheels and Brakes: The wheels are 21” at the front and 19” at the rear, with 90/100-21 and 110/90-19 Maxxis tires, while the braking system is by Nissin with floating calipers and a 260mm disc on the front and 240mm at the rear. The front brake caliper is a smaller, more modern design and provides the latest in braking technology. The rear brake master cylinder is a shorter design that provides more room for the larger exhaust pipe. 

Engine: The engine, also all-new, is designed specifically for motocross use and has been developed in close partnership with the Official MXGP Team. The five-speed transmission, has dedicated ratios specific to MX. The clutch is a diaphragm style that has three adjustments for the rider to obtain that perfect balance of grip and progressiveness. The weight and dimensions of the engine package are particularly compact, as the components required for motocross use have been pared down to the minimum. The engine is an electric start and has a counterbalance to smooth out the vibration.

The result is excellent engine performance throughout the power range aided by the optimal weight distribution, the frame to engine location is therefore designed to create a manageable, agile, and fun bike, with great power at the top end when you decide to open up the throttle.

Engine maps: 450 RX is equipped with two specific engine maps (wet and dry) and four levels of Traction Control (on/off/active with hard map/ active with soft map) to manage the bike’s significant power in all terrain conditions. The button to select the map and TC is located on the handlebar pad.

Other notable features:

The handlebar controls have been reduced to a minimum, as has the electrical system. On the right-hand side is the start button, while the button to shut off the bike is on the left. The battery is lithium type.

There are then some special components which enhance the bike’s trim level as well:

Chain tensioner blocks anodized red
Blue anodized Excel rims
Red chain block
Red anodized dual-material rear sprocket
Extra-wide machined aluminum footpegs with stainless steel pins

The RX 450 will be delivered with a customized bike stand and four different throttle pulleys, to customize the throttle response.

Pricing: $10,999.00

Available: December

*plus a $489.00 destination fee. Not included are professional dealer setup, taxes, license, or other required fees.

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