Videos You Need to See Before Heading to Loretta’s

Okay, so you are probably already at the Ranch, but guess what? You still need to watch these videos.

Vurb will be at LL all week providing a ton of coverage, but check out some of our lead up coverage in the meantime.

ALL IN, Season 2

The second season of our Vurb’s original series, “All In”, is back! This second chapter focuses on the 2021 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Motocross Championship, sharing some emotional and inspiring stories capturing the true essence of why this is the greatest sport on earth.

Part I

Part II

Is Living Motocross FULL-TIME Crazy? Tribe Called X

Some motocross enthusiasts just love to shred. Some are weekend warriors and race occasionally. Some chase the dream to an extent. But there are a collective bunch across the world that throw every single ounce of desire, passion, love, effort and money to chasing ultimate stardom. From selling their homes and living at training facilities, to chasing the biggest amateur motocross races around the country, these families sacrifice everything within their being to stand atop the podium. One of the pinnacle training facilities in our sport is the Moto X Compound in Culloden, GA. It’s home to former professional factory racer, Matt Walker, along with dozens and dozens of full-time racers that live and breath motocross year-round. Drew Adams, and his mom and dad, are part of that list, and one question we went there to answer… Are they crazy for going ALL IN? We reckon they do an amazing job answering that question themselves.

Rebuilding Loretta Lynn’s Motocross Ranch After Disastrous Flood

On August 21, 2021, over 10-15 inches of rain fell upon Waverly, TN, a location and town that’s very near and dear to the entire motocross community, as it houses the prestigious grounds of the Loretta Lynn’s Motocross course. As the historic rainfall came down, it caused mass destruction to the town, and many lives were lost, including one of Loretta’s Ranch Foreman, Wayne Spears, who we’ve considered motocross family for decades. While the devastation was unimaginable, MX Sports and the motocross community have banded together to raise money for Waverly, TN and begin the massive project of rebuilding Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.

Part I

Part II

Drew Adams, Ethan Lane and Ayden Shive Preparing for Loretta Lynn’s at 83 Compound

Florida Man Chance Hymas Preparing For Loretta Lynn’s

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Phil Nicoletti Injured in Practice Crash

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