Troy Dog’s Shack: Ralph is Back and We Are Broing Down Again

If you’ve been following my columns you know that Ralph Sheheen is my all-time favorite Supercross announcer and it’s not even close. To make matters even better for me, thanks to the power of social media, Heen Dog and I have been able to connect on Instagram and Twitter. We’ve interacted five times now and that means we are basically bros for life. 

Now don’t get it twisted, I really enjoy RC in the booth, he does a great job with whoever he is paired with. However, with that being said, Ralph and Jeff Emig just go together like peanut butter and jelly. With the news this past week that they were named the voices of the Hoosier Arenacross Series on Fox Sports 1, I was ecstatic. 

This year I needed my buddy Ralph to know who was there for him in between gigs. As you should all know by now, Ralph is a great business man and always has like twenty something things going on at a time. The man coined the phrase “If you’re payin’ then I’m sayin’,” and Jason Weigandt uses that as a life motto because of Ralph.

I feel like I was there for Ralph when he didn’t even know he needed a fan. He spent a year and some change away from dirt bike announcing and now everything feels right again. Even take a look at his buddy Emig, who probably thought he was finished with TV announcing for a while, and now he is on top of the world. Not only is Emig joining Ralph in the AX booth, but with Langston stepping down for Lucas Oil Pro Motocross announcing, it looks like Fro is a shoe in for that position as well. 

Look, I have no idea what the politics are or the reasons why the networks do what they do with moving announcers around. I’m going to stay out of that in respect to my buddy Ralph. All I know is that WE are resilient and like Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street said, “ I’m not *bleeping* leaving.” Yeah, that’s Ralph right there. He’s got the Mamba Mentality. 

My dreams of getting Heen Dog back up in the Supercross announcing booth will never be crushed. With this Hoosier Arenacross news we made it one step closer. This series made the right choice. Ralph is going to take this series and pour water on it like a little seed and he’s just going to watch it grow. With a great TV package, including the underrated Kristen Beat as the pit reporter, incredible racing, and hungry riders this series is going to go far. I’ll be keeping an eye on it and you should too. Arenacross needs to be as big as possible and this Hoosier Series is now on my beat. 

Congratulations Ralph and Jeff and welcome back to the show. The DREAM TEAM IS BACK!

Written by Troy Dog

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