Troy Dog’s Shack: Previewing Our Massive Interview with Jett Lawrence

It’s April Fool’s Day! One of my favorite holidays ever, because I can take a huge steaming dump on Slaw Dog’s desk and just be like, “Oh man, April Fools!” He can’t be mad at that!

One thing that isn’t an April Fool’s joke is that Chili Dog Wes and I collaborated to bring you the first of what I hope is many installments of a new series. On Monday, we sat down and had an incredible conversation with Jett Lawrence. I like to call it a roundtable because of how many talking points we touched on. I promised Jett’s agent Lucas Mirtl that I would only keep his athlete for a half an hour tops, but we actually ended up being closer to an hour. Sorry, Jett. 

To be fair, Wes and I both agreed that it seemed that Jett wanted us to stick around longer, so that was pretty cool. We talked about all of the things no one else has even thought to ask. Jett thought it was a two hour podcast and he was just down for all of it, which was dope. Also, it’s not a podcast, it’s a podcast that’s not a podcast, but one thing that’s for sure is that it’s a vibe. An exclusive chat with one of, if not the hottest prospect, the sport has right now. 

I’ve done a lot of interviews over the years and when you’re talking to Jett he gets into this mode where you forget you’re talking to an 18-year-old kid. Then, right when you think you’re dealing with a seasoned veteran, he says something completely off the wall or calls you out completely on what you asked. He’s already a rare breed. 

Some of the things we talked about included weird fan requests, whether or not he would get tattoos, Mirtz’s secret tattoo, what music he likes, what video games he plays. We also chat about racing and what went through his mind during the Indy heat race when he went from last to first and whether or not he’s looking forward to racing Christian Craig and the West Region in the Showdown. We did NOT talk about his brother Hunter because too many people group them together and this was the JETT interview. When we have the HUNTER interview, then we will just chat about HUNTER. 

I’m trying to get Wes to commit to doing these chats at least once a month. He does have to edit them and do more work than I do. I just have to worry about the content in the questions and topics that we discuss. So, do us a favor: When this chat drops next week please watch it and share it, but also demand that we do more of these with other riders. Wes tried to get Jett to take his co-host spot already. I personally think that Wes needs more of me in his life, so ONCE a month isn’t too bad of a commitment, right? Also, shoutout to Ginger Dog for helping set up the studio (needs some lighting-we know)  and for keeping our crazy one and three year old quiet for the duration of this call. She’s the real MVP. 

We hope that you enjoy our chat with Jettson and hopefully we can turn this into an ongoing feature on YouTube. Maybe we can start incorporating fan questions into these as well? The sky’s the limit!  Let us know what you think when THE JETT interview drops next week!

Main image: Honda HRC

Written by Troy Dog

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