Troy Dog’s Shack: Chiz Chizzed in the Sands of Southwick…Again

Well squad, he did it. Our legend and savior Kyle Chisholm showed up to race a national! Before you start talking nonsense about how Southwick was sooooo last week, and it’s now all about Millville. Well, for one, bleep you, and two I can write about my first ever T- Dog Squad athlete whenever I want!

I texted Chiz on Wednesday before the race and asked him when I could drop the news that he’s racing Southwick. I had a hunch that he might have been, although he never said anything about it, nor had anyone else. I just know my guy. He texted back and told me to send it and that’s when I BROKE BREAKING NEWS. You think Slaw is the only one who can do that? Think again!

In classic Chiz fashion, he didn’t even know he was racing until like the Tuesday before the race. To make matters even better, he’s only practiced at the Stewart Compound a handful of times this summer. No wonder Chiz and I are two peas in a pod…we both throw things together at the last minute. 

The cool part about the weekend was that Alias CBD stepped up to be the title sponsor of Team Chiz for the weekend. All proceeds from products bought on the Friday before the race were given to Chiz Dog. I also saw on Twitter that someone had put in an order and Alias doubled the order at no cost to the customer! I thought that was a pretty cool deal. 

I’m also pretty bummed, because I am the Chiz Whisperer…you know? Like, everyone and their mom knows that. Apparently a few months ago Mike Grondahl (owner of Alias CBD, among other ventures) reached out to the fourth in command of the Troy Dog Squad, CMXR Moto, and asked how to get ahold of Chiz. So, CMXR got his Lucas Mirtl on and linked the two parties together and crushed a few Twisted Teas to celebrate. I loved that for my squad dog, but I was not mad and just disappointed that Grondahl didn’t choose me for the job. 

Anyway, Chiz drove himself and race bike up to Southwick. His dad, Gar Dog flew in to help and then Kyle’s mechanic from 2005-2006 (who also worked for John Dowd along the way) linked up to spin the wrenches for the weekend. 

On Instagram, Chiz left no stone unturned in his race recap post, so I’ll let him tell you how it went. He ended up Chizzing all over the Southwick sands as we all expected. He did end up telling me that he is used to bottomless sand and the hard base underneath Southwick was tricky to get used to after not racing there since 2016. I asked him if he plans to come out and race Southwick every year until he’s in his mid-40s like Dowdy did. He told me that he would do that , but only for WW Ranch, so we NEED to get that track back on the schedule. 

All I know is that Chiz is chomping at the bit to race another national. He’s teasing all of us when he asks which one he should go to next. 


Chiz, race Ironman, but like Troy Dog lives three hours from the track. Get to our house on Thursday and stay the night. Ginger Dog will make you a fantabolous dinner of whatever you want. We can bro down, you can change some diapers, and give Sam Dog a couple bottles, and be WELL rested when you get to your hotel on Friday night. This same offer goes to current Troy Dog athlete Grant Harlan. I’ll tell Ginger Dog that I have no choice but to drive my athletes to the race and I’ll just stay and watch the races all day. Sounds like a win-win situation for me. Pitter, patter, let’s get out of here!


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Main image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

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