Adam Cianciarulo: “Basically It’s Like I Have 30 Percent Strength In My Right Hand Sometimes”

If you’ve been following Adam Cianciarulo’s Lucas Oil Pro Motocross campaign thus far, you know he’s been dealing with some nerve problems in his right hand. The problem actually dates back to last year and AC underwent surgery to get it fixed. Apparently the issue is still bothering him, which is causing a lot of arm pump. 

In his recent Vlog, AC went into further detail about how much the injury is affecting him. 

“Today didn’t go great. Most of you know, and a lot of you guys have these tips for me on arm pump but nobody really knows what’s going on. I’ve been pretty transparent about it if you paid attention but it’s basically this… I got some nerve problems. I’m going to sort it out after the season is over but basically it’s like I have 30 percent strength in my right hand sometimes. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it’s 70 percent sometimes I can barley feel the grip.”

You can watch more here. He address the injury beginning at the 21:44 mark. 

AC is still putting in solid results considering what he’s dealing with. He was the fastest qualifier last weekend at Southwick and went 5-6 for sixth overall. 

Through five rounds of the championship, he currently sits seventh in points, 12 behind Chase Sexton. 

Main image: Octopi Media

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