Troy Dog’s Shack: 137 Reasons Why Sean Cantrell Deserves a Shoutout

One thing you have probably figured out reading my columns is that I do not ever lie. Yeah, I’m serious, I am like physically not able to. So, when I need to tell you that I am going to write 137 reasons then you bet I will get this dialed in. Get your posture correct, a cup of coffee, some of Chili Dog’s mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies, and let’s dive into this. 

Reason #137: Big Time Amateur Moves 

For the longest time, and at least from the 65cc days, all I remember is that Cantrell was always on a KTM and always winning. It was no surprise to me when he jumped into a long-term amateur to pro deal with then TLD KTM and boom he was off to the races faster than you can say Slaw Dog sucks. Cantrell was a great “can’t miss” amateur, even locking down four Loretta’s titles, but the transition to the pro ranks was not an easy task. 

Reasons #136: The Struggle

If you do not love me when I am struggling then you do not deserve me when I am doing great. Let’s face the music here: Cantrell came in with some hype. Not Adam Cianciarulo hype, but maybe like a Stilez Robertson hype. You knew his name as soon as he shot out of his mother’s womb and he won a cajillion amateur titles along the way. Then he turned pro and reality set in. Injuries, setup, team, bike, starts, speed, what have you… nothing was adding up for the first two years of his deal. Then tack a wrist injury on top of all of that and you have a recipe for cookies that I do not even want to eat. According to his Instagram post on September 16, 2019 he had “continued misdiagnoses… on bones and tendons in (his) wrist/hand.” With that TLD KTM changed to GASGAS and downsized leaving Cantrell injured and mentally beaten and without a ride. I am setting this column up for an Academy Award if you can’t tell. I think it’s a grand slam. 

Reason #2: The Comeback

Cantrell invested in himself and bought a BluCru 250F to ride and train on once he got the “all clear” from his doctor in early 2020. Pro Tip: If you are injured badly and left for all but dead by the teams in the sport, buy a bike and stay fresh like our friend Cantrell did. You never know when an opportunity will come knocking on your door. As you know, Bar-X Suzuki came calling and now Cantrell and I are on RM Army together. 

Reason #1: RMArmy Teammates 

Let us get something straight, Bar-X Suzuki looks so good. They have Fly Racing gear, clean designs on the race bikes, Larry Brooks as a team manager, and a squad that resembles a team that I would put together of young prospects. John Short still counts as young to me. I am digging that this longtime amateur team took it to the big leagues and put some yellow back into the main events. Cantrell is building his way back up and with some good starts and with more gate drops we could see some good mojo from him this summer. To be honest, with the way his wrist and hand injury sounded, I am going to bet and say that it is a miracle he is even able to race a dirt bike again. 

So, there you have it, 137 reasons why Sean Cantrell needs to be one of your favorite riders. I am writing the screenplay for this as soon as I finish this column and the movie should be in the works here shortly… Directed by Chili Dog. Produced by GK Films.

I have never spoken to Cantrell or had any conversation with someone near his camp. I am just a guy who watches races and writes a bunch of truths in a column. In my opinion the series is missing out on this story. Luckily, Troy Dog has your back as I SEE EVERYTHING. Hats off to you Sean Cantrell. This kid could have easily thrown in the towel, but instead he is still living his dream on a dirt bike. 

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Main image: Suzuki


Written by Troy Dog

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