Too Long; Didn’t Read: Recaps and Results from Tuesday at Loretta Lynn’s

We know no one likes to read long race reports or sit around and watch live timing and scoring. So we are here to help with some quick recaps and results from Tuesday, the first day of racing in the 2022 Monster Energy AMA Amatuer National Championship at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.

Haas Practices What he Preaches in Vet (30+)
The first gate drop of the week went to Michael Mitchell, and then very quickly it became a three-way battle between Brandon Haas, Alex Woskob, and Broc Peterson. Haas made the pass for the lead, then almost immediately tipped over in the left hander before the finish line. This put Woskob in the lead and you could throw a blanket over the top three again. Late in the moto Haas would make the pass on Woskob stick and he won the first moto of the week, setting an exciting tone in the process.

Vet (30+) Top 5 – Moto 1

1. Brandon Haas
2. Alex Woskob
3. Broc Peterson
4. Kenny Henry
5. Matthew Hougentogler

Carson Wood Makes a Statement in 85 (10-12)
Landon Gibson put his KTM out front quickly with Darren Pine, Carson Wood, and Seth Dennis in tow. Vincent Wey had to work a bit to catch the lead pack from a decent start. About four laps in, Wood made a statement pass on Gibson, but then Gibson would have issues and pull off a lap later stating his bike blew up (shoutout to Rodney Tomblin for that exclusive. Dennis would fight his way into second and he would bring Caden Dudney with him dropping their lap times into the 2:07 range deep into the moto. The two closed on Wood on the final two laps, but would run out of real estate. It’ll be interesting to watch this class when these riders get the gate pick they want in moto 2.

85cc (10-12) Top 5 – Moto 1
1. Carson Wood
2. Seth Dennis
3. Caden Dudney
4. Darren Pine
5. Cole Blecha

Mike Brown Hits Another One Downtown
Looking at this lineup, you know it’s going to be a Kris Keefer vs. Mike Brown showdown. Keefer would get the start in this one with Brown and Hans Neel in tow. Brown would get around Keefer quickly and then drop a sub two minute lap time. Remember, Brownie is 50 years old, so that is mind blowing. Brown would be uncontested for the moto win, with Keefer in second, and a late race charge by Michael Mercer in third.

Senior (40+) Top 5 – Moto 1
1. Mike Brown
2. Kris Keefer
3. Michael Mercer
4. Hans Neel
5. John Grewe

Fisher Comes from Down Under to Take Moto 1 Win – Mini Sr 2
Heath Fisher took the early lead in this one, but was quickly overtaken by Nate Hummel. Those two riders would check out with Max Shane and Kelana Humphrey in tow. Hummel would end up crashing and throwing the lead away around the halfway point. Fisher would take the lead and assume a gap of ten seconds over Shane and Humphrey. Kade Johnson would come through the pack and make his way to the rear wheel of Humphrey, who started to come alive and pressure Shane. The top five would mix up slightly towards the end. Johnson ended up coming from outside of the top ten to make the pass on Shane for second. Hummel charged from seventh to finish fourth after his crash.

Mini Sr. 2 (13-15) Top 5 – Moto 1
1. Heath Fisher
2. Kade Johnson
3. Max Shane
4. Nate Hummel
5. Chase Lawton

Ryder D – It’s Time in Open Pro Sport
You’ve got to give it up to the veteran Heath Harrison grabbing the holeshot and early lead with Ryder Difrancesco and Cole Martinez right behind. Ryder D had a tip over on the first lap and hard to charge to the front. Chance Hymas had his work cut out for himself as he was around 25th early on. Ryder D would make quick work of Harrison and Martinez on lap five and put the hammer down! Gavin Towers came through the top ten to get the leaders in sight and eventually made his way to second. Gage Linville would make a late race charge on Martinez and seal the deal on third. Hymas could only come through the pack to 14th, so we will keep an eye on that story.

Open Pro Sport Top 5 – Moto 1
1. Ryder Difrancesco
2. Gavin Towers
3. Gage Linville
4. Cole Martinez
5. Patrick Murphy

Temmerman Tastes Victory in 250 B Limited
Blake Gardner would lead this one early, with Brock Walker, and Enzo Temmerman in tow. Five laps into the moto you could throw a blanket over these three in any corner of the track. Temmerman would end up being the aggressor of this crew as he made his way around both Walker and Gardner for the lead. Crockett Myers, who grabbed the holeshot, then crashed, would come back to fourth. Drew Adams hovered in eighth for the majority of the moto. 

250 B Limited Top 5 – Moto 1
1. Enzo Temmerman
2. Blake Gardner
3. Brock Walker
4. Crockett Myers
5. Slade Varola

Dudney and Dennis Duke it Out in Mini Sr. 1
A few of the same players from Mini Sr. 2 earlier in the day found their way back to the front (shocker!) in this one. Seth Dennis, Heath Fisher, and Caden Dudney found themselves alone out front. Dennis would try to inch away from Dudney who made the pass on Fisher. Halfway through the moto, Dudney would start to reel in Dennis and make the pass for the lead. The pass would stick and this one was over. 

Mini Sr. 1 (12-14) Top 5 – Moto 1
1. Caden Dudney
2. Seth Dennis
3. Heath Fisher
4. Deacon Denno
5. Cole Timboe

Matti Jorgensen Breaks Out in 250 B
Evan Ferry rounded the first turn in front and went into Storyland in the lead. Unfortunately the lead was short lived as Ferry mistimed a deep rut and Haiden Deegan slammed into the back of Lil Red Dog’s motorcycle. A total racing incident as Ferry was in a blind spot of the turn. Deegan headed straight to the mechanics area and Rodney Tomblin reported that his rear wheel was bent and spokes were missing. Through a chaotic first couple of laps, Matti Jorgensen found his way to the lead with Preston Boespflug in second, and Lane Allison in tow. Ferry passed back into third and had Daxton Bennick in his rearview. Boespflug and Ferry would battle a little before Boespflug made a last lap charge on Jorgensen who held on for the moto win.    

250 B Top 5 – Moto 1
1. Matti Jorgensen
2. Preston Boespflug
3. Evan Ferry
4. Daxton Bennick
5. Dayton Briggs

Until next time, which is tomorrow.

Written by Troy Dog

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