Too Long; Didn’t Read: Recaps and Results from Wednesday at Loretta Lynn’s

We know no one likes to read long race reports or sit around and watch live timing and scoring. So we are here to help with some quick recaps and results from Wednesday, the second day of racing in the 2022 Monster Energy AMA Amatuer National Championship at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.

Gieck Checks Out in 65cc (7-9)
This 65cc (7-9) class is always fun to watch to see if the kids dominating the Micro classes are truly the real deal. Well, this one was easy to report on because Sawyer Gieck took the lead and checked out to a 13 second lead. Alex Campigli, Chase Brennan, and Kade Nightingale were also factors in this one. Moto 2 will give us more of a sample size on these kids to see where they truly stack up.

65cc (7-9) Top 5 – Moto 1
1. Sawyer Gieck
2. Alex Campigli
3. Chase Brennan
4. Kade Nightingale
5. Joseph Vicari

Gibson Takes 85cc (10-12) Limited
Cole Blecha blasted off the line in front and led about a lap before Carson Wood pounced on him. Landon Gibson, Grayson Townsend, and Vincent Wey rounded out the top five early. Gibson started to apply pressure on the leader Wood and would make the pass on the Polisport Beach. Wey would make the pass on Blecha late in the moto for the final podium spot.

85cc (10-12) Limited Top 5 – Moto 1
1. Landon Gibson
2. Carson Wood
3. Vincent Wey
4. Cole Blecha
5. Jayce Wolf

Stevens Makes Quick Work of Schoolboy 1
The #97 of Noah Stevens led this class around on the first lap with Logan Best sitting shotgun, and Austin Parker had a nice start as well. Casey Cochran made his way into third late in the moto to round out the podium. Other than that, this race was decided in the opening laps and Stevens came out on top of Best, Cochran, and the best Schoolboy riders in the country.

Schoolboy 1 Top 5 – Moto 1

1. Noah Stevens
2. Logan Best
3. Casey Cochran
4. Klark Robbins
5. Thor Powell

Photo Finish Between Towers and Difrancesco in 250 Pro Sport Moto 1
It’s one of the MOST anticipated races of the week! The holeshot went to the BluCru machine of Gavin Towers, but Caden Braswell made his outside line work in the 10 Commandments to take the lead. Chance Hymas held third after the first lap with Ryder Difrancesco mired back in 11th. Jayden Clough and Gage Linville were making a Ryder D sandwich and the three of them pushed towards the front. Gabriel Jairala and Chandler Baker also had great starts in fourth and fifth respectfully. Baker would end up crashing in the turn after the Ten Commandments and soon after that Braswell crashed and threw the lead away. Ryder D continued his charge to the front passing Braswell who had remounted in third, setting his sights on Hymas. Ryder D then made quick work on Hymas and the Difrancesco choo choo was not finished. With three laps left it was a dogfight for the win between Towers and Ryder D. Difrancesco was all over Towers trying every move in the book. At the finish Towers took the victory with Difrancesco right on his rear wheel.

250 Pro Sport Top 5 – Moto 1
1. Gavin Towers
2. Ryder Difrancesco
3. Caden Braswell
4. Chance Hymas
5. Jayden Clough

Deegan Wins Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C
I have to cover every single moto that Haiden Deegan is in, otherwise I’ll have thousands of preteen boys chasing after me with pitchforks and harsh words on the internet. We don’t want that, so I got you fam. The big players started up front with a freight train of Preston Boespflug, Haiden Deegan, Daxton Bennick in the top three. Bennick and Boespflug would trade the lead a few times in the opening laps. Deegan made his move to the lead by launching the single out of the turn after the sweeping sand turn. Then the Deegs was gone. Mark Fineis charged from outside of the top five to take the final podium spot.

Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C Top 5 – Moto 1
1. Haiden Deegan
2. Daxton Bennick
3. Mark Fineis
4. Preston Boespflug
5. Julien Beaumer

Oehlhof Makes a Statement in SuperMini 2
Leum Oehlhof took his KTM to the front from the gate drop as Jeremy Fappani and Landen Gordon filed in behind. Tiger Wood would use his sand wedge to hook his GASGAS into third for the duration of the moto. Oehlhof would sprint off to a nice lead, while Fappani, Wood, and Gordon would keep one another honest until the finish.

SuperMini 2 (13-16) Top 5 – Moto 1
1. Leum Oehlhof
2. Jeremy Fappani
3. Tiger Wood
4. Landen Gordon
5. William Canaguier

Long Takes Control of 450 B 
Avery Long
and Mitchell Zaremba put their Yamaha’s in front early with a train of KTM’s behind them including Dayton Briggs, Rodrigo Borges, Lucas Geistler, and Matti Jorgensen. Briggs, who won the first moto yesterday shared the podium with Long and Zaremba as well, so these three are setting themselves up for an exciting championship battle for moto 3. Long kept the lead until the checkers, while Jorgensen and Briggs made their way onto the podium behind him. Long takes a 2-1 into the third moto.

450 B top 5 – Moto 2
1. Avery Long
2. Matti Jorgensen
3. Dayton Briggs
4. Mitchell Zaremba
5. Marcello Leodorico

Written by Troy Dog

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