Too Long; Didn’t Read: Monday at RCSX

Winning is the ultimate reward for the endless pursuit of performance. It’s what drives us to continually refine, innovate, and improve our products. It’s what sets the bar higher each and every season. And when you have the best riders in the world testing and pushing the limits on every product we build, that bar is set at a very high level. The result of all this testing, refining, and winning is a product line that delivers performance that isn’t just race proven, its championship proven.

This is THOR. This is The Feel of Moto.

We know no one likes to read long race reports or sit around and watch live timing and scoring. So we are here to help with some quick recaps and results from Monday at RCSX.

Best Best of the Class in Schoolboy 1 (12-17)

Logan Best grabbed the holeshot in the first main event of the day, Schoolboy 1 (12-17), and led start to finish to grab the moto win. But it wasn’t easy. Jude Smerlick worked his way into second quickly and pressured Best for the entire moto, but Best was able to hang on to grab the win. Dilon Blecha would round out the podium. Casey Cochran came from outside the top 15 off the start to finish sixth.

Top 5 Overall

1. Logan Best

2. Jude Smerlick

3. Dilon Blecha

4. Diesel Thomas

5. Agustin Barreneche

Ferry Outlasts Bennick in 250 B

Oh, this was a good one. Evan Ferry took the holeshot, but he quickly had pressure from Daxton Bennick. This was a cat and mouse affair the entire moto. Every time Bennick made a push, Ferry would respond. On lap 7, Bennick really began to apply the heat, but Ferry was solid all moto and managed to pull off the win by less than a second! Noah Smerdon rounded out the podium.

Top 5 Overall

1. Evan Ferry

2. Daxton Bennick

3. Noah Smerdon

4. Ivan Aldama Jr

5. Jaxon Pascal

Landon Gibson Cruises to Mini Sr 1 (12-14) Win

This was all the Landon Gibson show. He grabbed the early lead over Brody Barth and Kelana Humphrey and never looked back, cruising to a three second win over Kade Johnson. Humprhey would finish third.

Top 5 Overall

1. Landon Gibson

2. Kade Johnson

3. Kelana Humphrey

4. Brody Barth

5. Chace Lawton

Tiger Wood Tops Supermini 1 (12-15)

Oh, man, the heavy hitters of the class were up front early in this one. Tiger Wood took the early lead over Landen Gordon with Seth Dennis and Drew Adams right behind. Adams moved into third early over Dennis and went to work trying to track down his Team Green teammate Gordon. Meanwhile, Gordon was making moves of his own, going after the leader, Wood.

This back and forth between the top three went all damn moto long. Lap traffic played a HUGE part in this one though, as all three riders at one point were hurt by lappers. Adams trailed off a little from Gordon late, but his teammate wasn’t done trying to get the lead. With half a lap to go, Gordon made one final push, but Wood pulled away a bit in the rollers and took the win by less than second (.98)!!!!

Top 5 Overall

1. Thomas Wood

2. Landen Gordon

3. Drew Adams

4. Seth Dennis

5. Austin Schafer

Smerdon Gets Revenge in 250 B

After losing out to Krystian Janik in 450 B earlier in the day, Noah Smerdon got his revenge in 250 B. Smerdon got the holeshot in this one, with Janik moving into second early. The top two stretched their lead over the field early in this one. Janik spent the entire moto trying to track Smerdon down and even made a huge push late in the race, but Smerdon held on for the win. 

Top 5 Overall

1. Noah Smerdon

2. Krystian Janik

3. Ivan Aldama Jr

4. Jordan Renfro

5. Jaxen Driskell

Ryder D Outlasts Linville in 250 All Star A/B

Oh, this was a good one, doggies. Probably the best race of the day, thus far. Ryder DiFrancesco (shocker, I know) was out front again but Gage Linville wasted no time and quickly took the lead. For the opening nine laps, Ryder D would pull close, then Linville would stretch it back out again. This was a legit back and forth throughout the early portion of the race. Then on lap 11, Linville made a huge mistake in the rhythm down the finish line and actually landed on a Tuff Block, which allowed Ryder D into the lead. He would stretch it out from there on go on to take the win over Linville.

Top 5 Overall

1. Ryder DiFrancesco

2. Gage Linville

3. Gavin Towers

4. Austin Kapoukranidis

5. Magnus Smith

Bennick Takes Schoolboy 2 (12-17)

Jaxon Pascal took the holeshot in Schoolboy 2 (12-17) but it didn’t last long, as Daxton Bennick was in a hurry to get to the front. Evan Ferry quickly moved into second and early on it looked like we were going to get a Bennick/Ferry showdown, but it never materialized. Bennick withstood the early pressure from Ferry and went on to take an easy win by 7.9 seconds. Ferry took second.

Top 5 Overall

1. Daxton Bennick

2. Evan Ferry

3. Ivan Aldama Jr

4. Noah Smerdon

5. Jaxon Pascal

Johnson Comes From Behind to Take Mini Sr 2 (13-15)

Chace Lawton grabbed the early lead over Kade Johnson in the main event, with Johnson tied at his hip early. Johnson made a huge mistake on the opening lap which allowed Lawton to open a gap. But the fight wasn’t over as he quickly closed back in. 

Johnson was trying to use the outside for a number of laps in the split lane to make up time and it seemed to be working. On lap 5, Johnson followed Lawton to the inside though and the two collided with Lawton going down. Johnson was able to stay up and went on to take the easy win. Lawton recovered for second.

Top 5 Overall

1. Kade Johnson

2. Chace Lawton

3. Kelana Humphrey

4. Brody Barth

5. Chase Andersen 

Bennick Dominates 450 B

This was the Daxton Bennick show. There isn’t much else to day. Bennick got the early lead and jumped out to a 4.7 second lead on the opening lap! Evan Ferry would eventually work into second, but there was no stopping Bennick as he went on to win by over 25 seconds!

Top 5 Overall

1. Daxton Bennick

2. Evan Ferry

3. Sebastian Balbuena

4. Lucas Geister

5. Peyton Jackson

Ryder D Tops Alessi in Open A

That was not a headline I ever expected to type in 2022, but here we are. 

To NO ONE’S surprise, Mike Alessi got the holeshot in Open A while Ryder DiFrancesco was third. Ryder D quickly moved into second and began to mount his charge on Alessi. Once in second he chopped a full second off Alessi’s lead and continued to cut it down until he took a sick inside line on lap 5 to take the lead. He went unchallenged from there to take the win. Alessi and Gavin Towers rounded out the podium. Gage Linville got a terrible start in this one and never really recovered as he finished ninth. 

Top 5 Overall

1. Ryder DiFrancesco 

2. Mike Alessi

3. Gavin Towers

4. Ezra Hastings 

5. Magnus Smith

Tiger Wood Outlasts Drew Adams in Supermini 2 (13-16)

This was a good battle between Tiger Wood and Drew Adams in Supermini 2. Wood got the holeshot but had immediate pressure from Adams. Around lap 3, Adams used the outside of the split section and made the pass in the rhythm, but Wood quickly responded and retook the lead. Adams would hang close to Wood throughout the moto, but was never able to retake the lead as Wood went on to a 2.1 second win. 

Top 5 Overall

1. Tiger Wood

2. Drew Adams

3. Landen Gordon

4. Kelana Humphrey 

5. Tristan Dalton

Our coverage has concluded for the day. See ya at Freestone!

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