Three Things That Stood Out to Us in the Glendale Press Conference: Quadding, RJ’s 450, and the Jo Show

The Glendale press conference has come and gone. SOME of us here at Vurbmoto are very thorough and ask the athletes important questions to get the scoop. While others, like Slaw, don’t do anything at all. We had our Canadian correspondent Brad G’Hardt write up a small report on things that stuck out to him post race. Enjoy.

Quads Are For the Youngsters

When asked about a possible quad at the tail end of the longest rhythm section on the track, Jason Anderson was quoted saying: “At my age, jumps like that give me anxiety. I figured someone was going to send and we’d all end up jumping it. On 450s nowadays, quads really aren’t that difficult, but getting that much air can go wrong easily.”

Jett Lawrence was asked for his thoughts and said that he considered the big send, but never got a clean run at it during qualifying. This prompted Ken Roczen to chime in. He said that on 450s it’s easy to over jump things more than ever, making the timing and throttle inputs the most difficult factor to consider when lining up a big jump line.

Big Bike Time

When I asked RJ Hampshire what he’ll be focused on during the break in the 250 West series, he said “I hope they’ve got the 450 ready for me”. With his sights set of the 450 class in the coming years, it looks like RJ Hampshire feels very comfortable on his 250. So much so that he and Rockstar Factory Husqvarna will spend the next six plus weeks preparing RJ for life after the 250 class.

A Sigh of Relief

To say Jo Shimoda’s 2024 season is off to a rocky start is a bit of an understatement. The young Japanese racer didn’t duck any questions regarding expectations and the pressure to perform. “I’ve been changing little things every time I go out, but right now it’s starts that have been hurting me,” Shimoda said. “Even this race, it’s a third, but my start was horrible. My riding is there, but I need to put myself in a position to fight for the lead.”

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Written by BigMxRadio

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