This Story of RV and Aldon Baker Wrestling Will Make Your Day

Aldon Baker is the most successful trainer in the history of our sport. I could list his accolades, but that would take up the entire article, and really, that’s not the point of this. 

Baker helped lead Ryan Villopoto to four straight Monster Energy Supercross titles, as well as two Pro Motocross titles. Again, super awesome, but not the point. 

Recently, RV and Jake Weimer, both former Baker clients, were on the PulpMX Show with current Bakers Factory client, Zach Osborne, and the stories were just flowing. 

You can watch the entire segment below, but the story Osborne told about RV and Baker wrestling will make your day.

“He tells this one story about you going at on the outdoor track and you pushed him and he tackled you with the face of your helmet.. and he swears he had both your balls in his hand as tight as he could squeeze.”

Of course there is video!!!!!!!

Watch the entire segment below, it will make your morning. 

Written by Slaw Dog

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