The Tactician: A Cody Webb Story | Official Trailer

At the top of the American hard enduro food chain, there’s one man that everyone looks to as the GOAT. Cody Webb, Americas greatest and most accomplished hard enduro athlete, has dedicated his life to mastering obstacles on two wheels that to any average person would be implausible. A methodical thinker, with an engineering degree in hand, Cody’s a true tactician who thrives in purposely putting himself in situations where mere mortals would surely crumble. In a 4 part short film, we will explore Cody’s relatable lifestyle, good nature and what makes him such a fierce competitor in a sport that is punishing both physically and mentally as he sets his sights on the RedBull Tennessee Knockout, Americas toughest and most prestigious off-road race, and a race that Cody himself has won 6 times.

Written by Slaw Dog

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