The Collab You Didn’t Know You Needed: Introducing the SCOTT X Ethika Collection

SCOTT Sports is excited to announce the launch of our new SCOTT X Ethika collab collection!

For the second SCOTT X Ethika collab, SCOTT will not only be releasing a goggle, but also a matching set of grips that come with custom Ethika donuts. 

The all-new SCOTT X Ethika collection comes with a unique design in an eye-catching red and blue colorway. The goggle features premium Ethika branding on the strap and is also fitted with a Silver Chrome WORKS lens for that added bling factor!  The combination of SCOTT’s race-proven functionality and Ethika’s un-matched style makes this new collab a must-have for moto fans that know what’s up. 

SCOTT X Ethika Prospect Goggle

The SCOTT Prospect is our flagship off-road motocross goggle. Used by an ever-growing list of champions, the Prospect goggle has everything you need to ensure your vision is the best it can be on the track or trail. With perfected features such as the NoSweat face foam, a maximum field of vision, the innovative SCOTT Lens Lock System, articulating outriggers and much more, the super-stylish SCOTT Prospect goggle has been engineered to Defend Your Vision no matter how extreme the conditions get.

The SCOTT X Ethika Prospect comes with a matching custom goggle pouch. 

Goggle Features

Lens Lock System

NoSweat 3-layer molded face foam

Articulated outriggers

Extra wide no-slip silicone strap

100% UV Protection

NoFog™ Anti-Fog lens treatment

Single Lens Works

Bonus Clear lens included

Custom Ethika Microfiber Goggle bag


SCOTT X Ethika Mellow Grip

The SCOTT Mellow Grip is a dual density motocross grip with a soft, Vario Blok design outer density, surrounding a long-lasting, firm density core. The outer Vario Blok design offers superb, consistent grip and helps reduce arm and hand fatigue through superior vibration absorption. It also makes it one of the most comfortable motocross grips out there! The included grip donuts further increase comfort and greatly reduce the chances of getting thumb blisters.

The SCOTT X Ethika Mellow grip comes with a matching custom set of donuts. 

Grip Features

Double density grip

Vario Blok design

Firm density inner compound

Soft density Vario Blok pattern

Integrated safety wire channel

Custom Ethika Grip donut included

The SCOTT X Ethika goggle will be available from 17th January 2024. 

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