Team Solitaire Announces the Signing of Ryan Surratt with an Amazing Press Release

Team Solitaire/Nuclear Blast Records Yamaha Racing have been teasing us with a new signing being announced, but that announcement was delayed due to the Haiden Deegan news. Understandable. Why go up against that?

Well, we finally got the news today that the team has signed Ryan Surratt and honestly, we’ll just let the press release speak for itself…

September 11, 2021 at 2:33pm PST…that was ‘the moment’ we realized we had a soft spot for Ryan Surratt. At the time, we honestly had no idea if we’d sign him, but we instantly become a fan!

It wasn’t too long after the first 450 moto at Hangtown had been completed and as we walked back into the pits to check in on a few riders we had been talking with for 2022, we noticed the exhaustion riders were experiencing. Whether it was factory riders or even some privateers, people were handing or dumping water on them, padding them down with cold towels, or preparing cold water tubs to hop into to recover for moto two. But not this kid…

After crossing the finish line a career best 8th place and looking fresh as he did earlier that morning, Surratt took off his own gear and did so with a little zip in his step. After walking over to his cooler to grab a Dr. Pepper and a Lunchable to snack on, he began prepping goggles for the next moto. Surratt had just spent the entire summer in his van by himself chasing a dream, and after scoring the best moto finish of his career it was goggle prep time before moto two with a smile on his face.

We have no idea what the 2022 season will look like for Ryan Surratt, all we can tell you is that there is a belief in his ability from everyone on this team. But more importantly…for us, this was about giving a kid 100% of our effort and support because after so many ups and downs, he still gives his dream 100%.

Welcome to the team Surry…

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