T-Dog’s Takes: Hot Takes by YOU the Fans

Notice that this column now has a sponsor? That’s right! Troy Dog joined the Blu Cru and you should too! I have one in my garage right now and I can’t wait to go shred it this summer! Thank you to Yamaha for believing in my ELITE columns on this dirtbike website enough to sponsor me. What a dream come true! 

I went on vacation, but now I’m back. It’s what CEO’s do, ya know? While Slaw Dog worked his grubby little paws to the bone I was enjoying beach life, endless Twisted Teas, hitting up the pool, and stopping a million times so that Bub Dog could use the restroom. Isn’t potty training fun?

Anyway, I missed most of what happened at the races. I got the important clif notes from my ELITE Athlete Grant Harlan, but that’s about it. So, I asked my Twitter followers to give me their takes, because well, they always have incredible things to say. 

Here is what I learned: 

@RRburg reports that Dungey is once again Mr. Consistent, he’s not great, not bad, just consistent. In response to that comment @RangerLee thinks that 6 years away from a pro national and consistently finishing inside of the top ten is great. (I concur.) 

BIGMX RADIO – Brad Gebhardt had a lot of takes. His first is that Jett Lawrence wins Nationals all the ways Nationals can be won. He also states that Anderson is faster than expected and he was expected to be fast this Summer. His most important take of all? “Everyone misses Kyle Chisholm.”

@blairlively said that Dumb and Dumber went 1-2 at Thunder Valley. I know this has got to be a reference to the Lawrence brothers, but I’m not going to go look and find out why.

@CMXR_Moto reported that “A T-post beat the *bleep* out of Josh Gilbert and was immediately arrested and charged with assault.”

@katieleighmacd said that she loved having Ricky commentating (whether that’s Carmichael or Johnson is still up for debate) she’s also pumped that Roczen is back on top and she hopes he can keep it together. She also said that there were some great battles this weekend.

@TehWesley said that he thinks that MAVTV must be parking in the back of the pits with the privateers, but he’s trusting the process that the coverage will get better. 

@NGriffin242 reports that Oakley is testing out new sunglass goggles on the podium and that if you ride a Honda chances are that you’re doing pretty well.

@MotoReviewShow pointed out that the 450 class has four legit title contenders within 23 points of each other after three rounds.

I’ve never heard of this person before, but some random fan named @cadeclason52 wrote that the 722 propelled the chef to a moto one victory. 

@2021_willitend says that the plague is running through the paddock. He reports that the Lawrence brothers, Dungey, Kitchen, and that lots of other guys have been feeling under the weather. (Boom son, there is our health report.) 

@AidanIrvin1 says that rotating co hosts on the broadcast has been great so far! JT$ really coming into his own as our reporter. Mechanic interviews are back! (Do we thank PulpMX for the rotating cohost idea?)

@topmusclemx said that Rex Staton won the 500 class and something about Randy Lawrence? (Best report yet.)

@GorslineKeny reports that it turns out that Levi Kitchen CAN stand the heat. Plus, Roczen isn’t done and never give up kids! EVVVERRR!!!

@Checkerz448 always has great insight so we will list all of his.

  • Hunter Lawrence and Jason Anderson think you get passing points.
  • The 222 is the only KTM with works parts, so he’s the only one who can holeshot.
  • Honda made Chase fake a tip over to let Roczen by for points. 
  • Weltin just kicking it with a Twisted Tea earned him a career best.

 @zach48johnson is a real one for this. He simply put “Summer of Har Dog”. (Yes, Zach it truly is and thank you for believing in US. You’re the man.) 

Well, that’s all I have for this week. Thanks to my amazing followers on Twitter who always come through to make sure that I have all of the inside information. I’m caught up now and I’m ready for High Point! 

Main image: Yamaha

Written by Troy Dog

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