Semi-Clueless: Rocky Mountain High

As we come down from the Rocky Mountain High Thunder Valley provided us with, let’s take our weekly dive into the racing that you may or may not have watched yourself. We got our Tomac v. Rozcen battle that ended with a victor we didn’t predict. What does James Stewart have to do with all of this anyway? Jettson got knocked off the top step but still ends up on the top step? The Kitchen is cooking down there at Star Racing, and more. 

Also, how insane is it that Trey Canard posted about his dislike for the BIG Acerbis marker and a few short hours later Jason Anderson about took himself AND Eli Tomac out with one. Could you imagine! 

450 Class

  • Hey Stew! Keep calling riders out, it seems to be working. 
  • But seriously what a freaking battle.
  • Poor Sexton. 
  • #teamfried went Three 6 Mafia. 
  • Just another Marchbanks v. Dungey battle. 
  • McElrath just needed a husky, eh? Wait, wasn’t he on a KT…… nvm moving along.
  • Can someone give Donatella a call and get Versace Savatgy kitted up? 
  • Twisted Tea sales about to spike in Ubly! Marshal Weltin with a 13th after joining HEP Suzuki. 
  • Summer of Rodbell…… still loading, at about 69%
  • A-Mart was looking REALLL good early on. 
  • Har Dog didn’t get cleaned out again by the leaders so thats good. 
  • J-Walk made his 2023 Pro Motocross debut, locks in career best with 23-28 scores. 

250 Class

  • Jett goes 2-2. Still gets W
  • Nobody was having more fun than Levi Kitchen on the last lap of the first moto. 
  • But seriously, there was a fire in the Kitchen. 
  • J-Coops on the other hand goes 3-3 for 4th. 
  • Sushi roll on pause until High Point.
  • I feel like I haven’t seen Stilez outdoors since Loretta’s 2020, good to see him back upfront. 
  • Matt LeBlanc, what a ride! 
  • Romano grabes a top 10 as four Star Racing bikes land inside the top 10. 
  • Pierce Brown is still on the infield trying to pull his bike out of the mud. 
  • Derek Kelley is for real. 
  • 2 bananas in the fast 40, nearly both in the top 20 OA. Drake p17, Kilroy p22.
  • The rookies are acclimating. Kobusch, Chambers, Ray, Marsalisi to name a few.  
  • Carter Biese qualifies straight to the fast 40, errr 38. His first race back since March 2021 after a massive get off. Welcome back, Carter! We missed the Biese crew around the races.  

Main image: Yamaha

Written by Jeff Simpson

We met Jeff sleeping in a tent down the street from Loretta Lynn's... with his computer. At that point, we knew he would fit in with us. Then, he then drank all the white claw flavors none of us liked, and that's when we knew it was meant to be. Jeff officially became part of the crew.
We're terrible at asking questions, so we're not exactly sure what Jeff does for a living, but he loves petting his cats and dog, growing his beard, and living in a cornfield in Michigan. Jeff also likes to wear cycling glasses while driving his car and using his cameras. We like Jeff.

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