Stark Future Grabs Maiden Win in British Arenacross

While most of the industry was paying attention to Anaheim 1, the all-electric Stark Varg was making history in the British Arenacross Championship.

Jack Brunell, aboard his Stark Future Varg, scored his long-awaited first victory in the British Arenacross Championship presented by Fix Auto UK with an electrifying win at Manchester’s AO Arena on Saturday. This pro win has been a long time in the making for both Brunell and Stark Future. Proving once and for all that the Stark Varg is pro ready and capable of winning at the highest level. Alongside teammates Justin Bogle and Eddie Wade, Brunell took the win in front of the capacity crowd in Manchester with an impressive victory.  

When asking about the win, Brunell had this to say. “Everyone has been asking me, are you sure you want to ride an electric bike? Well, I just showed it!”

Racing with his father in his heart and on his mind, Brunell gave an emotional speech when collecting the first place hardware. One can only imagine what the likes of Stark Future CEO Anton Wass or Stark Development rider Sebastian Tortelli were feeling when they saw the checked flag waving for their creation.  

Riding the brand new all-electric Stark Future, the pro final saw Jack enjoy a thrilling battle with Harri Kullas (FUS Marsh Geartec), passing and re-passing each other until he managed to hold off the Estonian and establish a gap which he held to the checkered flag.  

Stark Future stole the headlines on an eventful night in the UK Arenacross series. 2023 Arenacross British Championship runner-up Conrad Mewse (Crendon TRU7 Honda Racing) finished in fourth in the pro final (after initially being classed 10th following a timing problem). The 24-year-old from Somerset started the event rapidly, setting the fastest lap time in qualifying before taking a clear win in the first heat. In the second a collision with Harri Kullas saw him valiantly battle through the pack to finish second and set the fastest lap despite traffic. 

This series is the highest level which the Stark Future product has be permitted to compete against its gas-powered counterparts and as predicted the machine seems to have a distinct advantage on the starts. In the tight confines of an Arenacross track, Stark Future is a lethal weapon. With a low center of gravity and motor package that leaves little to be desired in the torque department, it’s no surprise that this new team is experiencing early success.  

2023 Champion Tommy Searle may very well have many successful nights throughout this championship, but the Stark Future has officially landed its first blow as it fights for its place in the racing world. 

Traxxas Pro Main Event Full Result: 

1. 155 Jack Brunell             

2. 151 Harri Kullas        

3. 260 Dylan Woodcock  

4. 426 Conrad Mewse              

5. 33 Ashley Greedy         

6. 19 Justin Bogle                

7.  407 Adam Chatfield            

8. 211 Jayden Ashwell              

9. 119 Mel Pocock   

10. 44 Elliott Banks-Browne               

11. 17 Matthew Bayliss 

12. 65 James Mackrel 

13. 217 Eddie Wade 

14. 14 Luke Burton 

Championship Standings (After Two Rounds) 

1. Jack Brunell (155) | Stark Future – 26 points 

2. Conrad Mewse (426) | Crendon TRU7 Honda Racing – 23 points 

3. Ashley Greedy (33) | S Briggs 10 Central Honda – 17 points 

4. Tommy Searle (100) | Dirt Store Kawasaki – 16 points 

5. Adam Chatfield (407) | Mark McCann 64 Youtube Channel – 16 points 

6. Harri Kullas (151) | FUS Marsh Geartec Racing – 13 points 

7. Dylan Woodcock (260) | Mark McCann 64 Youtube Channel – 11 points 

8. Thomas Do (777) | Stark Future – 10 points 

9. Elliott Banks-Browne (44) | FUS Marsh Geartec Racing – 9 points 

10. Justin Bogle (19) | Stark Future – 8 points 

11. Luke Burton (14) | Team Geartec Norman Watt Racing – 7 points 

12. Adam Sterry (811) | 7 Points 

13. Jayden Ashwell (211) | AJP Racing Suzuki – 6 points 

14. Mel Pocock (119) | Dirt Store Kawasaki – 5 points 

15. Ben Clayton (11) | AJP Racing Suzuki – 4 points 

16. Jake Preston (957) | FUS Marsh Geartec Racing – 3 points 

17. Matt Bayliss (17) | S Briggs 10 Central Honda – 3 points 

18. James Mackrel (65) | Team Geartec Norman Watt Racing – 2 points 

19. Scooter Webster (127) | D.A.D. Judd Racing BWR Tech – 2 points 

20. Eddie Wade (217) | Stark Future – 1 point. 

Main image: British Arenacross

Written by BigMxRadio

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