Slawservations: Loretta Lynn’s II

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Now, onto my Slawservations from round 2 at… Loretta Lynn’s again.

The Track

If the Slaw would have been bestowed the opportunity to race last Saturday, on a track I will never ever, ever, ever get to race in my life, I would have declined and gone back to Clawing it up. Why? This, without a doubt, 100000%, would have been me:

Nah, I’m good.
PhotoRyne Swanberg | Instagram: Octopi Media


WHAT. A. DAY. for the championship leader, Zach Osborne. He went from maybe not being able to race, to winning the whole damn thing. Was it fair for Zach to be able to ride the B practice? I think so. Here’s why: they cut out the first practices, had no LCQ’s, so when Zach’s bike wouldn’t start for the only A practice, why not just shuffle him into the B session? And don’t get me started on this BS about if he was a three-digit guy they wouldn’t allow it. Yes, they would have. It just so happened to be the points leader, so it got more attention.

We Have a Problem

Slaw may have jumped the gun on whether or not to worry about Eli Tomac. But, in my defense, this was not a normal race. Double DNF’s (he was credited with ninth in the first moto because he had lapped up to that place) now has the three-time champ staring at a 40-point deficit. Not good, but it will be fun to watch Tomac try and chop into this points lead.

PhotoRyne Swanberg | Instagram: Octopi Media

Anarchy in the UK

Claw is the law around these parts, but it’s cool to have Twisted Tea, a non-endemic company, jump onboard the HEP Suzuki team as a title sponsor. And they got some major play on NBC Saturday, with Anstie leading the majority of the second moto. Was there anything more certain than Anstie doing well in the slop? Nah.  

Shoutout to the Privateers

Mud races blow. The only cool thing is it evens the playing field and the privateers have a chance to shine. So good job to these dudes!

Justin Rodbell – 12-12 for 10th in 450 Class
Henry Miller – 11-15 for 12th in 450 Class
Jake Masterpool – 7-38 for 15th in 450 Class
Lance Kobusch – 16-8 for 9th in 250 Class
Ezra Hastings – 15-13 for 13th in 250 Class
Hardy Munoz – 17-12 for 14th in 250 Class
Nick Gaines – 11-19 for 15th in 250 Class
Gared Steinke – 9-34 for 17th in 250 Class

If I missed someone, please contact Chilidog!

Double Trolluble

There have been plenty of fast bros in this sport. The Jones bros. The Stew bros. The Hahn bros. The Alessi bros. You get the point. But since the Jones bros way back when this sport got started, I don’t remember a faster set of bros competing at such a high level for so long in the same class! Jeremy is officially back from a gnarly back injury, winning his first overall since 2018. And Alex won the second moto, giving Suzuki a win for the first time since a long time.

FYI: The replies to this tweet are amazing:


Stank!!!!! That is all.

PhotoRyne Swanberg | Instagram: Octopi Media

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