Slawservations From Loretta’s: Mike Brown Will Win the 90+ Class One Day

I was not at Loretta’s and I watched zero motos. Slaw was by the pool all week drinking Claws and laughing while the video crew ran around in the scorching heat shooting motos all day. 

Guess what? That doesn’t mean I don’t have thoughts on the week that was. 

Here are my Slawservations from the Ranch with ZERO knowledge about what actually went down.

  • One day, MX Sports will have to create a 90+ Class where Mike Brown and Barry Carsten will just slug it out ALL DAMN WEEK.
  • Someone claiming Deegan’s bike for maybe creating a YouTube video with it is so amateur moto and so 2022! Don’t it for the Gram, kids!
  • I’m still hungover. I had to drink all week by a pool. Hard work.
  • I didn’t listen but I’m sure Weege and Kevin Kelly were gold all week. 
  • No idea what happened to Hymas but let’s chill on this, okay. IT’S ONE WEEK! Pretty sure dude already proved he’s legit. Also, he’s the Potato GOAT, so I’m a fan. 
  • I can’t wait to see what Casey Cochran has on a big bike.
  • COLE MARTINEZ! Fun fact: Yes, he raced pro and was pretty dang fast. 
  • Vurb Wes has been shoving cameras in faces at the Ranch for like 40 straight years. Longer than Weege has been announcing. 
  • Avery Long is legit, huh? 
  • Amateur motocross is NOT dead. I’ve heard LL was FING PACKED!

That’s it. That’s all I have. Stay tuned to Vurb later this week for Slaw’s Annual Ranking of Best Names from LL. 

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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