Slawservation: Hot Damn, Christian Craig Out Here Dropping Bombs

Christian Craig won the 250SX West Region opener at Anaheim on Saturday, which means we have the BUT HE’S BEEN IN THE CLASS FOREVER crowd coming out. 

Do I think the 250 class structure needs some tinkering? Yes, yes I do. 

Until then, we need to simmer down on how long riders are racing 250SX. Because guess what? They are just ABIDING BY THE FING RULES. If you want to complain, aim it toward the people making the rules. Not the riders. 

Anyway, Craig doesn’t need to defend why he’s still in the 250 Class, but hot damn he dropped some smoke on Twitter today.

I love how he just casually drops respectfully!

Until the rules change, I have zero problem with Craig or ANY rider continuing to earn money in this sport for as long as they can. Get it while you can, boys!

Rant over.

Main image: Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha

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  1. hey……someone doesn’t like him racing that class and winning…just suit up , make the main , then beat him. sounds easy its JUST the 250 class. until then just sthu.

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