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The RDC Foundation is something that I have really just learned about and what it stands for really has hit me pretty hard.

The Foundation is built upon the memory of Ryder Colvin, one of our own racing brothers from Las Vegas, who tragically lost his life while riding his dirtbike in 2023. He was training to make one last go at Loretta Lynn’s before he went to EMT school to become a firefighter.

The Grindstone Compound, which is where Colvin spent a lot of time, joined together with FMF and the Colvin family to create the Ryder Don Colvin Foundation (RDC Foundation).

The Foundation’s goal is to raise money and award riders who apply for the scholarship. They want to help young up and coming amateur racers without much support make it to the races and help out their program as much as possible. Monica, Ryder’s mother, told me that Ryder was always talking about other Ryders saying if some of his fellow racers had more support then they would be able to go to the next level. So, this Foundation is an ode to Ryder. To help out the fellow racer.

The RDC Foundation is a non-profit organization.

IF you would like to donate to the Ryder Colvin Loretta Lynn’s Scholarship Award for the 2024 season you can here.

Last year the Foundation was still pretty fresh, but it was still able to raise almost $7,500! This money was awarded to three riders to help fund their trip to The Amateur Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Tennessee. 

Also, on the other end of this, if you would like to apply for the scholarship you still have time. All applications must be turned in by June 28th.


  • Finish in a qualifying position in your Regional for Loretta Lynn’s
  • You must be going to Loretta Lynn’s

Scholarships will be awarded beginning the first week of July through August 2.

Like I said earlier, I needed to share this information with you guys because if I haven’t heard about the great things that this foundation was doing, then that probably means others haven’t as well. So, let’s share the news here people!

Let’s see how much money that this awesome motocross community can raise to help out some up anc coming amateur racer.

Sign up for the scholarship and donate money if you can today!

Let’s do it all in the memory of Ryder Colvin.

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Written by Troy Dog

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