Roundtable: Gypsy 500 Stories, Bloss and Harlan’s Bald Club, and Haiden Deegan

Welcome to the Vurbmoto Roundtable! It’s a feature we had in the early days and now it’s such a legend that it makes a return. Our panel of experts, Bird and T-Dog, give their best opinion on hot topics in the sport. We also let Slaw give his opinion, but no one cares what he has to say. Let’s get to it!

With the first ever Gypsy 500 in the books, what are your takeaways from the event and how much fun was had?

Bird Dog (Tiffany) – 1. I folded my ankle a few days before the event trying to be like Sylvester Stallone in the movie Cliffhanger. I was extremely bummed at the time that I would have to bow out of Vurb Team 1 (aka Team Mean Gasoline). However, after the first two hours of racing, knowing there were six more remaining, I was no longer bummed and thanked God for the high ankle sprain. The track and event were way gnarlier than anyone expected. 

2. Jason Crane riding not one, but two laps for our team was a HUGE surprise. Most of the Vurb team bowed out, and I was sure Crane would follow their lead. While he didn’t finish the event, I still applaud him for the effort. 

3. Top 50 overall! Yep, that’s right, out of 220 teams, “we” (Vurb Team 1) put in a top 50 result. I’m damn proud of the boys for fighting through the day and finishing strong despite only packing three bottles of water, no food and not nearly enough fuel (Thanks to MotoSport for the help in getting us through the day. We wouldn’t have finished without them). 

Troy Dog (Wasn’t Invited) – As the only person left behind who had to hold things down here in the Vurbmoto office, I wasn’t there. BUT, I still have a lot of takeaways. I’ve been watching all the vlogs that people have been posting and checking out all of the social posts. It looks like this new racing format really is the bee knees and everyone enjoyed it. The track looked like a lot of fun. I’ve never ridden out west before, so to me it looked like I missed out on a cool experience. In talking to Wes, Chase, and Bird I know astronomical amounts of fun were had. I look forward to the Gypsy 500 East this Fall!

Slaw Dog (Was Fired) – Not only did Wes buy a brand-new bike for this event, he did NINE MOTHER FING LAPS straight off the couch. Have to say: impressive. Also, Crane kind of did two laps. Also impressive.

WE had some ironman dudes cut like 30 laps or something, which blew me away. Overall, best event ever and you better sign up for the Gypsy East when it drops, because it will 100% sell out.

How do WE feel about Haiden Deegan right now?

Bird Dog – It’s hard to like what Deegan is doing right now. It will be interesting to see if he heeds the advice of those around him and changes his tune, or if he doubles down and keeps throwing temper tantrums. It’s not a good look and he’s starting to lose the fanbase. I’m hoping he can use this as a growing experience and learn how to handle difficult situations with a bit more professionalism moving forward. 

Troy Dog – My thoughts on Haiden Deegan reside in my T-Dog’s Takes Column this week, so if you want to hear them read that column. I can’t list them all here. He definitely needs to calm down. With that being said, I’m here for it. He brings excitement to the sport and his riding style is very fun to watch. As long as he and other riders don’t get hurt then I like it. I’m not blaming him fully for the Coty Schock or Seth Hammaker crashes. These were racing incidents. He’s not intending to hurt people, I promise.

Slaw Dog – Ehh… Every sport needs a villain and right now, it’s probably Haiden in some circles. On his IG, I’m sure his legion of fans probably support it. It reminds me of when his dad pitted himself against the clean cut Travis Pastrana, and I loved it. I’m here for all this. Supercross needs to be more entertaining and Deegan is certainly doing that.

Should Troy Dog shave his head and join an elite club of bald men like Benny Bloss and Grant Harlan? Benny said he will join the T-Dog Squad if this happens. Is it worth it?

Bird Dog (Business Legend) – I support this. However, I’m going to need to see Benny sign prior to the head shave. We can add a clause to his contract contingent on T-Dog shaving his dome, but if he signs on the dotted line, Troy needs to sharpen up those clippers and take one for the team. 

Troy Dog (Keeping His Luscious Locks) – I’m not doing this. Benny can text and call me everyday for the rest of my life and I won’t budge. Har Dog has truly shown where his loyalty lies in this situation too. Whatever his bald headed cult leader Benny says, Grant agrees. I already have six riders on the Squad, while having Benny join would be amazing, no other Squad mate has requested me to do things so outlandish. So, no Benny I will not be shaving my head. Benny called me yesterday afternoon and texted me last night and said, “I’ve got the clippers all packed up.” I will be avoiding the Rock River and Beta trucks this weekend in Indy.

Slaw Dog (Is FIRED Again) – DO IT, TROY!

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Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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