Report: Monster Energy Supercross Points Structure to Change in 2024

Monster Energy AMA Supercross is returning to the traditional points structure for the 2024 season, according to a report from Racer X’s Davey Coombs. 

In the latest Racehead column, DC reported that the series will return to awarding 25 points to the winner of a main event. 

“One of the things that’s quietly changed during the off-season is the points structure for both AMA SX and MX. A few years ago AMA Supercross went away from the traditional points structure of paying down spots first through 20th the way it was being done: 25 for first, 22 for second, 20 for third, 18 for fourth, 16 for fifth, then one points down from there: 15, 14, 13 on down… Instead, they tried a system that paid all the way down to 22nd, since that’s how many riders qualified for a main event. The new system called for 26 for first, 23 for second, 21 for third, 19 for fourth, and then down one point per position from there to 22nd.

The system going into effect for 2024 is back to a more traditional 25 for first, 22 for second, 20 for third, 18 for fourth, and then one point down from there, per position, until 21st place gets a single point, and 22nd (last) gets zero.

The AMA Pro Motocross Championship is also moving to this system, which means one more rider—21st place—will get a point, as only 1-to-20 has received championship points through this year. The hope is that the alignment will make things easier for everyone to remember the season unfolds.”

This moves aligns with the structure of the Pro Motocross Championship and returns to the format used previously in the series. 

Prior to the 2018 season, Supercross moved to award 26 points to first, 23 to second, 21 to third and so on. For 2024, it will revert back to 25 points for first, 22 for second and 20 for third. 

An official announcement has not been made, but we’re pretty sure DC knows what he’s talking about here. 

Main image: Feld Motor Sports

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  1. I think they should give the fastest qualifier of each heat one point. That would give everyone a reason to ride harder and could make a huge difference at the end of the season.

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