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We’re back at the Ranch for the 2021 Monster Energy AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship. While most of the motos are live on RacerTV all week, we know you have jobs and such and can’t watch them all, so we’ll be spotlighting some classes each day throughout the week—Slaw included.

NOTE: This post will continue to update throughout the day, so make sure to keep refreshing.

Mike Brown Is Ridiculous 

What can’t Mike Brown do for you? The ageless wonder continues to impress at Loretta’s. I have no idea how old Brown is, but he’s still in beast mode at the Ranch and will probably continue to do so until 2055. 

In the first Senior 45+ moto, Brown got the holeshot and really never looked back, cruising to the moto one win. 

Meanwhile, Jeff Emig, riding a 150, rounded the first lap in fifth, but quickly made his way into third. Emig, who won the first Master 50+ moto on the 150 yesterday, eventually moved his way into second around Keith Johnson but wasn’t able to apply any pressure to Brown. Emig would lose second to Johnson late in the race, but was able to round out the podium. 

In other news, Ryan Hughes, who is riding a 1986 CR250, charged life and finished an impressive fourth after passing both Barry Carsten and Kevin Walker on the final lap.

Senior 45+ Top 5 Moto 1

1. Mike Brown

2. Keith Johnson

3. Jeff Emig

4. Ryan Hughes

5. Barry Carsten

Full results.

Romano Captures Win in Mistake Filled Schoolboy Moto

I’m 99 percent certain, 99 percent of riders crashed at one point in the first Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C moto. Okay, maybe not 99 percent, but the race was certainly mistake filled inside the top 10.

Preston Boespflug got the holeshot in this one, but I’m pretty sure hit a tree going into Storyland on the first lap. He’d rebound to finish ninth. 

Nick Romano was the early leader with Daxton Bennick, Talon Hawkins, Caden Braswell, Brad West and Gavin Tower jockeying for position. On one lap Hawkins, Braswell and West all went down. Aden Shive was also running up front early, but went down too. He went on to finish 15th. 

Then, Romano went down shortly after, giving the lead to Bennick. It didn’t last long though, as Romano quickly retook the lead a lap later. 

Meanwhile, Hawkins was making his way back into podium contention and was pulling to the rear of Towers, who then either stalled or had a bike problem, and went back to fifth. 

Romano would go on to win the first moto over Bennick and Hawkins. Benjamin Garib and Braswell would round out the top five.

Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C Top 5 Moto 1

1. Nick Romano

2. Daxton Bennick

3. Talon Hawkins

4. Benjamin Garib

5. Caden Braswell

Full results.

Wood Outlasts Wey in 65cc (10-11)

The first 65cc (10-11) was a showdown between Vincent Wey and Carson Wood. Wey took the holeshot in this one with Wood, Wyatt Thurman and Ryder Ellis in tow. 

Early on, Wey and Wood began to separate themselves from Thurman and Ellis. Wood slowly began to close the gap and then finally made a pass for the lead on the fourth lap. It didn’t last long, as Wey quickly found his way back around. 

But moments later, Wey would crash which allowed Wood to retake the lead. Wey would remount in second, but the crash allowed Wood to cruise to the moto win. 

Wey would come together with a lapper near the mechanics area later in the race and go down again but was still able to finish third. Thurman finished second behind Wood. 

65 (10-11) Moto 1 Top 5

1. Carson Wood

2. Wyatt Thurman

3. Vincent Wey

4. Ryder Ellis

5. Mavrik Gish

Full results.

Kitchen Gets His Revenge

Levi Kitchen dominated the first 250 Pro Sport moto on Tuesday, but was docked two positions after it was deemed that he had jumped in an area showing a red cross flag handing the win to runner-up Preston Kilroy. Kitchen would be credited with third.

Well, Kitchen got his revenge in the second moto, but it wasn’t easy. Hunter Yoder had the early lead in this moto but had some heavy hitters behind him in Jett Reynolds, Kitchen and Chance Hymas

Reynolds would try and take the lead early but went down while trying to pass Yoder. Shortly after, Yoder made a big mistake and Kitchen and Hymas got around. Hymas then made a mistake and dropped back to fourth. It looked like Kitchen would run away with the moto, but then he made a mistake which allowed Kaeden Amerine and Hymas to close back. Hymas got around Amerine and keep Kitchen within about three seconds most of the moto but wasn’t able to close the gap. 

Preston Kilroy made a huge charge late and worked all the way up to fourth but went down. Austin Black would also go down in the same area. Kilroy got up to finish fifth, while Black took seventh. 

Kitchen would go on to win the moto by five seconds over Hymas. Amerine rounded out the podium.

250 Pro Sport Moto 2 Top 5

1. Levi Kitchen

2. Chance Hymas

3. Kaeden Amerine

4. Jett Reynolds

5. Preston Kilroy 

Full results.

Huge Shakeup in Supermini 2

WOW! Not sure what else to say after this one. Huge shakeup in the first Supermini 2 (13-16) moto with title favorites Casey Cochran and Haiden Deegan both having big time trouble. 

Cochran grabbed the holeshot in this one and was looking to take off but he washed the front end a few corners later. He was able to remount, but he didn’t complete another lap. With Cochran down, Deegan was looking to take advantage, but he was buried all the way back in 16th after the first lap. 

The early leader after Cochran’s mistake with Reven Gordon with Enzo Temmerman and Krystian Janik both in contention. Meanwhile, Deegan was making a huge charge through the field. 

As the moto started to wind down, Temmerman had taken the lead and was beginning to it out, while Deegan made his way all the way up to third. He then began to have a bit of a cat and mouse game with Janik before eventually making the pass. A few moments later, he wasn’t able to clear the triple and went down hard. We’re not quite sure what happened, but it was a pretty bad crash. He was credited with 38th. 

Temmerman went on to take the win by four seconds over Janik and Adler Caudle

Here’s an update from Deegan after the moto:

*Update: Both Temmerman and Janik were docked two positions giving the win to Adler Caudle. Below are updated results.

Supermini 2 (13-16) Top 5 Moto 1

1. Adler Caudle

2. Noah Viney

3. Enzo Temmerman

4. Krystian Janik

5. Dilon Blecha

Full results.

Battles of the Chases in 450 B

The second 450 B moto was a battle between the Chases, as Chase Yentzer and Chase Prince fought over the moto win. 

Yentzer held the early lead in this one, but Prince made his way to the rear fender of Yentzer on lap 6 and made the pass for the lead. Yentzer quickly retook the lead while Prince made a mistake and allowed Yentzer to have some breathing room. 

Well, it didn’t last, as the very next lap Prince made another strong push at Yentzer and this time made it stick. He would go on to win the moto over by three seconds Yentzer with Cameron Horner rounding out the podium. Moto 1 winner Kimble Jett would take fourth. 

The showdown for the title should be good as Prince holds 3-1 scores to Yentzer’s 2-2 and Jett’s 1-4. 

450 B Moto 2 Top 5

1. Chase Prince

2. Chase Yentzer

3. Cameron Horner

4. Kimble Jett

5. Cobey Carper

Full results.

Robbins Leads the Way in 85cc (10-12) Limited

It was Vincent Wey leading the field to the first turn in the second 85cc (10-12) Limited moto but he had heavy pressure from Klark Robbins and Caden “Not Crocodile” Dudney

On the second lap, Wey would make a mistake and Robbins took over the lead. Things came at Wey fast, as Dudney quickly made his way around as well. Robbins would go on to win the moto with Dudney in second. We’re not sure what happened with Wey, but he dropped to 10th. Landon Gibson would round out the moto podium.

The other big story in this moto was the charge from moto 1 winner Kannon Hargrove. He charged through the field to take fourth and salvage his championship hopes. 

This should be a good battle for the title as Robbins’ 3-1 scores are tied with Dudney 2-2, with Hargrove not far back with 1-4 scores. 

85cc (10-12) Limited Moto 2 Top 5

1. Klark Robbins

2. Caden Dudney

3. Landon Gibson

4. Kannon Hargrove

5. Chase Lawton

Full results.

Gordon Outlasts Wood in Mini Sr 2

Oh, this was a battle between first moto winner Thomas Wood and runner-up Landen Gordon.

Gordon had the early lead in the second moto, but had pressure from Jeremy Fappani. Fappani had a small tip over early, which allowed Wood to take second and begin to apply the pressure to Gordon. 

By lap 4, Wood had closed the gap and was right on Gordon, but for every move Wood made, Gordon had a counter. This continued for the entire race! Wood made another huge run with two laps to go, but again, Gordon was able to fight back. FINALLY, on the final lap, Gordon got some breathing room and was able to secure the moto win. Fappani would rebound to take third in the moto. 

Wood and Gordon are tied with 1-2 finishes heading into the final moto. Fappani is third with 6-3 motos. 

Mini Sr 2 (13-15) Moto 2 Top 5

1 Landen Gordon

2. Thomas Wood

3. Jeremy Fappani

4. Luke Fauser

5. Nathan Abbott

Full results.

Kilroy Impresses in Open Pro Sport

Big shakeup in the first Pro Sport moto. Heavy favorite Levi Kitchen was BURIED on the start and crossed the first lap in 18th. 

It was Luca Marsalisi with the holeshot and he was followed by the ageless Robby Marshall with Hunter Yoder also in the mix. But the lead group quickly had heat from Preston Kilroy and Chance Hymas

Kilroy eventually took over the lead with Hymas moving into second. Hymas tried to pressure Kilroy but he rode a fantastic moto to take the win by three seconds over Hymas. 

Meanwhile, Kitchen was left to trudge his way through the field and he did. He got cooking and made his way all the way to third to salvage a valuable championship position. 

Jett Reynolds had another tough moto. He crossed the first lap in 20th before working up to around the top 10. We think he went down though and ended up the moto 15th.

Open Pro Sport Moto 1 Top 5

1. Preston Kilroy

2. Chance Hymas

3. Levi Kitchen

4. Kaeden Amerine

5. Luca Marsalisi

Full results.

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