Power Rankings: Unadilla

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Welcome to the 2023 Slaw/Troy Dog/Ginger Dog Combined 250/450 Top Ten Power Rankings! Slaw, Ginger, and Troy each have created their own list of who they believe carry the most power in the sport. They each have created their own categories and have weighted these people accordingly, whether its speed, following, skills, you name it. Or it could just be random. Basically, whatever is happening that week is fair game.

Each week these rankings will be updated so that you guys can argue about how wrong they are in the comment section! Feel free to tell us if we’re right/wrong/or completely dumb.

Slaw Dog

-This kid blew up the Internet at Loretta’s. Pure heart, bub.

-Everyone loves the Har Dog. He is a FOV (Friend of Vurb) and what happened last week was awful. Go help if you can.

-I don’t know a ton about this team, but they support Ty Masterpool, Hardy Munoz and Scott Meshey and have saved Caden’s season. The team is owned by a tax firm so you know they can write the fuck off this team. Brilliant.

WE are coming to Washougal Sept 1-3. Good times and dirtbikes baby.

-Radio Fox, Winners Take Y’all, Vanilla Racing Broadcast, Squad Pod and whatever the fuck Brad is calling his…. go listen. So much good stuff on the Vurbmoto Podcast Network.

-Bam is so back!

-Pickle won Slaw’s Annual Ranking of the Best Names of Loretta Lynn’s and that’s probably the biggest honor of his young career.

-The crew crushed last week. Good job, bubs.

-Pro Motocross is back!

-How they got all the motos in is remarkable.

Troy Dog

-Forkner crashed off of the start at Washougal and it tore his jersey and destroyed his back and side. He got back on the bike and never gave up. I have a lot of respect for Forkner because no matter what setbacks he has he always comes back and gives it his all.

– Julien was a guest on this week’s Squad Pod and he was a great interview. He gave me a lot of insight into his Partzilla/PRMX team. We’ve been messaging each other for a while and it was nice to finally get in touch with him. You need to listen to it on the Vurbmoto Podcast Network. 

– Dustin gave me a lifetime deal with the HEP Motorsports team a few years ago and continues to look out for me. Listen to his interview on the Squad Pod as well.

– If you want to hear about my stories from Unadilla’s past, listen to the latest Squad Pod.


– The Harlan race shop was destroyed by a fire this past Sunday. It was a total loss. We put together a fundraiser that you can be a part of! Thank you to all of you who have shared this news and those of you who have entered the fundraiser already

– With the Harlan shop being destroyed, the Road 2 Recovery has stepped up to help them out as well. The Road 2 Recovery is a fantastic organization and I truly appreciate all the work that they do. 

– Daxton is officially a full-time pro now and your Nicky Hayden AMA Horizon Award winner.

– Braswell did a great job filling in for the TLD GasGas crew this outdoor season and now he’s got a ride to finish out the season with HBI Racing.

– HBI Racing has helped out Hardy Munoz this year, brought on Ty Masterpool, and now have brought on Caden Braswell. They are creating quite the squad down there in Florida where they are based out of. Good job, guys. 

Ginger Dog

-If you saw Troy’s most recent write up, you already know what happened to the Harlan family race shop. If you haven’t read it yet, I’m making Slaw post it again. When I first heard what happened, it hit close to home. I lost quite a bit two years ago in a car fire that almost took my house. I immediately knew we had to do something. Troy pulled together some greatness, as he always does, and now you all have the opportunity to help out in a really awesome way. Be sure to check out the original post (Troy is also adding some additional incentives that were offered so graciously by Road 2 Recovery). There are also additional donation platforms available. Grant has made incredible strides this year and I know the moto community has loved watching him climb to the top. Let’s help him stay there! 


-He’s still my pick to win the 250 championship. 

-He’s so close to a moto win. With three rounds left, I just don’t know if it will happen (but I’d love to see it).

-He’s returning to Pro MX at his home race. I’m sure you guys already knew that. We always hear BamBam coming. 

-Troy and I spent last weekend gearing up to spend the day with AJ Catanzaro. The Moto Academy was going to see how fast they could make TDog (TDog note: I’m already super fast.). Unfortunately, the rain won. The event was rescheduled so now you have to wait a few months for my vlog. For now, I’m just staring at the bike in the garage. 

-I go back to work Monday. I always love summer off, but I’m ready for a shift.

-I love listening to the Squad Pod on the Vurbmoto Podcast Network and TDog has had some awesome guests so far. Next week’s guest is a LEGEND. You won’t want to miss it. Plus the host is a 10. 

-Dean Wilson always puts out some amazing work on IG. This week he put out another sponsorship post for Rockstar, but I’ll give his acting in it a 10/10. He always makes me laugh. 

-I’m excited to see what Dax Bennick can do now that he’s officially a full-time pro. The AMA Horizon Award winner is on top of the world right now. 

Main image: Pro Circuit Kawasaki

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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