Power Rankings: SMX Playoffs Round 3

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Welcome to the 2023 Slaw/Troy Dog/Ginger Dog Combined 250/450 Top Ten Power Rankings! Slaw, Ginger, and Troy each have created their own list of who they believe carry the most power in the sport. They each have created their own categories and have weighted these people accordingly, whether its speed, following, skills, you name it. Or it could just be random. Basically, whatever is happening that week is fair game.

Each week these rankings will be updated so that you guys can argue about how wrong they are in the comment section! Feel free to tell us if we’re right/wrong/or completely dumb.

Troy Dog

– Kenny got robbed of what could have been a steller come from behind victory. Instead Jett waved him on and called it a baby present. Kenny doesn’t need presents. Hopefully no one waves anyone this weekend at the LA finale. 

– The LA Coliseum is in its 100th year of existence and it’s cool that we’re going to see riders go up and down the peristyles again. Bring back Larry Huffman and Larry Meiers for the occasion please!

– Jason Weigandt is needed in the booth for all 31 weekends of racing next year (if that is what the SMX Championship comes down to again in 2024). I said what I said. 

– It feels weird putting Travis in fourth here. He’s a legend, icon, and now a hall of famer. Congrats on everything in life TP! You’ve earned everything!

– The actor from Friends joined me on this week’s episode of the Squad Pod…oh wait…the other Matt LeBlanc did. Listen now on the Vurbmoto Podcast Network!

– Tomac posted some photos of himself on social media with a miraculous new beard. Will he keep it around for SX? Will it give him powers like John Short’s mustache still gives him? We will have to wait and see.

– Phil got the holeshot and was ripping early in moto 2 in Chicago!!! I love to see a charmer like ol’ man Nicoletti return back to his form after so many injuries have plagued him in recent seasons. 

– Jeremy Hand made it to Chicago, had to run the LCQ, and then put in a respectable 16th overall finish in the 450 class. Hand is doing everything on his own with the help of a Ford dealership, so it has been cool to see him put together a great season. 

– Canyon Richards completely ate it while going for the win in the SuperMini class in Chicago. The medics brought out the backboard and everything. I assumed the worst. He was still laying there as the race concluded. Then it turns out that he actually did drive through the night to the GNCC and landed on the podium. What a wild weekend!

– Did you know that Colt Nichols was the last rider to wear the #13? He did it in 2020, which turns out was an unlucky year for all of us. Colt has been great in these playoffs. He finished 12-8 for 10th overall on his Madd Parts Kawasaki/Rick Ware Racing hybrid ride.

Ginger Dog

-Y’all, I teach the future baddies of America. I have stories that would make your skin crawl. What this means is I have over a decade of behavioral knowledge so let’s break down the ABC data. Antecedent: Kenny was closing in on him. Behavior: wave on and grace him with the “baby gift”. Consequence: save face. There is nothing more to analyze. It was a (dare I say calculated) power move from someone who doesn’t know how to lose yet.

-Chase mentioned on IG that he wasn’t happy with his weekend BUT Chicago was his home race and he still took P3. I think he did amazing.

-Even with suspected bike issues he still finished P2. I talked about Jo in my ranks last week as well (he was my number 1). He’s staying consistent and it’s really impressing me. 

-I love watching anyone over the age of 30 serve it to the youths. Phil went 7-9 for an 8th overall. He rode incredibly well and he deserved to finish in the top 10. 

-Moto 2 redemption. That hole shot though. When he gets a good start he turns into a completely different dude. Even with a busted arm Coop was still able to finish 6th which got him an overall 12th. 

-I found myself focusing on Max a lot this round. He looked solid in both motos and took 5th. Double points didn’t hurt either. 

-Weege was looking sharp in Chicago. His haircut was cool and I liked it. Y’all making fun of him probably don’t even have hair. 

-Release it. I have a fatty check coming from somewhere that shall remain nameless (No, it’s not OF). I’m using it to fly out west. I’m leaning toward Anaheim if I can somehow fit it into my work schedule. Believe it or not I have 4 whole personal days to blow this year. Lucky me. 

-I loved seeing all of the shred tour goodness from Wes this past weekend. He’s also just so cool. He is the holy trinity of Vurb.

-The partnership is extended through the 2025 season. I love HEP so this made my week. 

Slaw Dog

-MY hot dog eating contest at the Classic was off the charts. Best one yet.

-FMIP berated DB and beat Carson (I think) to retain his title.

-Dude showed up to the classic and raced every single class I think. He won the 60+ class on a Surron, took on the PW class and raced 250 A on a 125. FING BEAST.


-Kenny on social is so fire.

-Lawrence bros in line for another title. My goodness.

-Dude showed out in the Supermini race.

-These title fights are going to be amaze balls.

Main image: Honda HRC

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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