SuperMotocross World Championship All-Star Race Recap

Damn. That’s all I have to say about the All-Star race at the SuperMotocross World Championship season finale. Starting with qualifying, Parker Ross had a huge get off, but luckily he was able to walk away with some serious bruising and nothing major. Gavin Towers was able to snag the fastest qualifier spot and was followed by Mark Fineis and Drew Adams. 

In the race, Slade Varola was able to pull a holeshot with Drew Adams and Noah Viney right behind him. Gavin Towers was towards the middle of the pack, and I knew we were shaping up for a killer race. That’s when it went south. Gavin Towers unfortunately came up a little short in a rhythm section and went for a ride. This put an end to his night. Hopefully GT is all good and hopefully we will see him back on the bike soon! 

Drew Adams eventually found his way around Varola after he was unable to double after the Red Cross flag. Adams was able to stay clean and came away with the victory. 

Drew surprised the hell out of me. He’s only 15 and he rode that track like he’s been riding SX for years. That has to be a lot of pressure on a guy to be the or one of the youngest kids in the event and be leading your first ever SX race at LA Coliseum. Congrats Drew Adams on a damn good ride! 

While I won’t take anything away from Drew, the best part of the night was for sure watching Slade Varola and Krystian Janik. The battle for third was the best damn race of the night. It was six minutes of just straight wheel to wheel racing. I wish they would have shown a little more action from other parts of the track, but damn I’m glad they didn’t. It was just constant back and forth between both of them. Good on you guys keeping it clean and putting on a show! 

They didn’t show it much, but if you watched lap times, Mark Fineis was throwing down some heaters too. I kept watching the lap times and Fineis was slowly reeling in Drew. I think if Mark had a few more minutes, we would have another good race up front. I think Mark is someone we could see in SX for the 2024 season. If he does I think we will see him east coast and probably a top 10 guy! 

Enzo and Noah unfortunately found themselves on the ground early in the race, but I was super impressed with how they rode after that. Both went from front of the pack to the very back and were able to claw their way back into the top 10. With only about 8-10 minutes to work on climbing the leaderboard, I think the both put in very impressive rides even with what the results show.

Supermotocross LA Results

  1. Drew Adams – KAW
  2. Mark Fineis – GAS
  3. Slade Varola – KAW
  4. Krystian Janik – KAW
  5. Blake Gardner – KAW
  6. Preston Boespflug – KTM
  7. Jaxon Pascal – HON
  8. Enzo Temmerman – KAW
  9. Noah Viney – HON
  10. Dilon Blecha – YAM
  11. Tyler Mollet – HQV
  12. Jordan Renfro – KTM
  13. Carson Mainquist – HQV
  14. Kelanh Humphrey – GAS 
  15. Gavin Towers – YAM
  16. Parker Ross – HON

Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports, Inc.  

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