Power Rankings: RedBud

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It’s Friday, the day before RedBud…ahem excuse me…REDBUD, Round 5 of the Pro Motocross Championship and do you know what that means?


Troy Dog and Slaw Dog are back for another round of Power Rankings! Yes, we understand that other power rankings lists exist, but OURS matter more. They just do mate! We pull more weight and our opinions are always spot on. So, if you make the list then you’re an absolute unit.

Slaw Dog

-What a legend. RIP, Larry.

-OH MY GOD. This thing was insane.

-Great job by a Mister Wade for getting the shot.

-Merica. Enough said.

-If Jo ever figures out the start of a series, watch out.

-Made these before the Jett injury news.

-Is he now the favorite with Jett out?

-He needed to win Southwick.

-Is he now the favorite with Jett out?

-Dean is BACK for this weekend.

Troy Dog

– Bub Dog (5) and Duke Dog (3) are going to their first National that they’re going to remember forever. I’m taking the family on a vacation and you can just call me Clark Griswold. It’s already NOT going to plan.

– Happy Birthday the the RED, WHITE, AND BLUE!

– Aaron Plessinger has had this round circled on his calendar all season long and he’s going to have a day to remember. You can count on that. It’s all about the vibe. Daddy’s home.

– The first rule about Lot B, is that you don’t talk about Lot B.

– The sound track of RedBud. BAWITABA.

– Dean Wilson says that he’s had RedBud planned for months and that I had nothing to do with him racing, but I think I’m the reason he’s racing. Sometimes you gotta be annoying and fight for what you want. I’ll be that guy.

– Chiz was on the Squad Pod for a special edition RedBud show this week. Topics included why Chiz wanted to race the Nationals this summer, when we might see Ken Roczen return to racing, what testing days are like, and what the pressure is like for riders on the Star Racing Yamaha team. It comes out tomorrow. Don’t miss it.

– Fast Freddie is still in the top ten in points and crushing it on his Madd Parts Kawasaki. These are the best results this young team has had.

– My kid is a human air horn. You can’t have Nationals without air horns. IT creates a vibe unlike any other.

Main Image: Octopi Media

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