Power Rankings: Off-Season Part I

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Welcome to the 2023 Slaw/Troy Dog/Ginger Dog Combined 250/450 Top Ten Power Rankings! Slaw, Ginger, and Troy each have created their own list of who they believe carry the most power in the sport. They each have created their own categories and have weighted these people accordingly, whether its speed, following, skills, you name it. Or it could just be random. Basically, whatever is happening that week is fair game.

This week, Slaw is back and Troy returns. Ginger is breaking up a middle school fight or something.

Troy Dog

-Crank that Kid Rock ‘Bawitaba’ and put your cowboy hat on because Captain America gave it everything that he had for the good ol’ USA. This is the second time in three weeks that AP makes my #1 on the Power Rankings. He’s on it this week for donating $10,000 to the Cody Gragg Memorial Two-Stroke race at the Vurbmoto Muddy Creek Top Gun Showdown. The race is this weekend and you need to go!

-Marchbanks came on the Squad Pod this week to talk about his breakout 450MX season, being the can’t miss kid in amateurs, his Daytona win, and his Manchild nickname. You can listen to it now on the Vurbmoto Podcast Network. 

-Mitchell Harrison also was nice enough to join the Squad Pod this week. He was also nice enough to give me a ride in his golf cart at Mini O’s in 2009. We talked about his amateur days, riding for Star Yamaha, Rockstar Husqvarna, and he announced what team he’s riding for in 2024.

-Ryder D has a fresh start at TLD/Red Bull/GASGAS and I’m trying to get him on the Pod next!

-Never ever count Ken Roczen out of anything ever again. He’s found himself again on this HEP Suzuki and it’s fun to watch. 

-Bird Dog is one of those people that you don’t hear about very often, but he’s the man who makes all things happen at Vurbmoto. We all owe him a very big thank you. 

-Bubba Pauli’s Madd Parts Kawasaki team just inked Freddie Noren to race for them all 2024 and the team keeps growing! Expect more announcements from them soon.

-The Rubberside Down Podcast was nice enough to invite me to the show last week. We talked about the ins and outs of Vurbmoto, how I got my start in the industry, and silly season. Thanks for having me on!

-The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS team is up first on my 2024 Vurbmoto Team Previews list, which is dropping tomorrow. I spend a lot of time on each of these previews and breakdown what to expect with each squad for the coming season. We have just about every team in the pits on the schedule this offseason!

-Cade made sure that Hunter Yoder’s Squad stickers were in a safe spot and he’s an MVP for that. Cade and I are BFFs right now and it’s been great. 

Slaw Dog

-We should have never doubted France at home. Shame on all of us. What a performance. What a crowd. What a weekend.

-Biggest off-season move by snagging up Chase Sexton. We could look back on this in a few years and remember this for one of the biggest moves in a long time.

-Yeah, you have Tim Gajser but you also have a dude who apparently works full-time at a flower shop and you get a TOP 10 at the des Nations. What a country.

-Ken’s career is vastly underrated. What a weekend on a bike that apparently isn’t good. Yeah….about that.

-Best finish EVER for the Aussies. I thought they might win, but still, great weekend.

-I never want to hear complaints about purse money if you don’t show up this weekend.

Dean is BACK in the winners circle. So good to see for a dude who has gone through the injury gauntlet.

-This event is insane and I hope it comes back next year.

-SMX announced record attendance. MXoN announced record attendance. Moto is so awesome and I’m glad people are coming out in DROVES.

-How did I miss this? Such a great intro. We need more of this.

Main image: MXGP

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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