Power Rankings: Ironman

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Welcome to the 2023 Slaw/Troy Dog/Ginger Dog Combined 250/450 Top Ten Power Rankings! Slaw, Ginger, and Troy each have created their own list of who they believe carry the most power in the sport. They each have created their own categories and have weighted these people accordingly, whether its speed, following, skills, you name it. Or it could just be random. Basically, whatever is happening that week is fair game.

Each week these rankings will be updated so that you guys can argue about how wrong they are in the comment section! Feel free to tell us if we’re right/wrong/or completely dumb.

Troy Dog

-Patriot, baseball superstar, electric tape numbers, championship contender, RJ talked about all of this and more on this week’s Squad Pod available now on the Vurbmoto Podcast Network.

– Caden Braswell has ridden three different bikes on three different teams in the last year. He’s not worried about it. 

-Ironman and AP are like peanut butter and jelly. This place is going to be so loud for the cowboy when he lands on the podium. If he wins, the place might explode from all of the energy. 

– A respectable debut for the rookie on his new Red Bull KTM. Look for him to back it up at Ironman. 

– Daxton Bennick was pushing Jalek Swoll for that first moto podium at Budds Creek.

– My buddy Shane McElrath decided to come out and race the final national of the season to get some more points for SMX. He’s pitting out of the Rock River truck and I get to see my other buddy Foggy Llama this weekend. 

– Jason Thomas has been crushing it as a pit reporter this outdoor season. I like the knowledge that he brings and the humor that he adds to his segments as well when he sees something worthy. 

– I’m a big fan of these combines. It’s a chance to see the next wave of talent. We will have a bunch of new riders showing what they can do at Ironman!

– Benny Bloss fought hard this past supercross season before he got injured at Nashville. He earned a two year deal with Beta and he’s been building some sick toy dirt bike tracks at home for his son. 

– Luca has been having an up and down outdoor season in the 450 class, but that’s to be expected as a rookie in the class. His best result is an 11th in the second moto at RedBud. He’s having a very good underrated season for the Rock River Yamaha team. 

Ginger Dog

-The takeover continues. The start of 450 moto 1 was a tease. For the first tenish minutes I really thought someone might actually have a chance of beating “The Jett.” I was quickly humbled. The kid is unreal. 

-AP took the podium this week! He went 2-3 and placed 2nd overall. I like AP and it’s not just because he’s an Ohio boy. He looked really good at Budds and was able to lead and stay on the bike. I am really excited to see him race at his home track this weekend. The people love AP and I just know the entire place is going to be rooting for him. It’s going to get loud for the cowboy! 

-I’ll talk about the restart later in my ranks but man, I felt for Deegan on this one. He had such a solid lead in moto 1 before the red flag. He went down off the restart but still managed to climb his way back to 16th. After Dilla I can only imagine his frustration. He’s staying focused and seems to be keeping a level head which is really impressive seeing as he’s so young. I was a total menace at his age so props to mom and dad Deegs. 

-Coop was on a warpath at Budds. His pass on Hunter during moto 1 set the tone for the day and the restart only proved to be beneficial for him. He took the lead and never let off. 

-Swoll on the podium moto 1. He’s my winner.

-Forkner was out there running with the lead pack. He needed the boost. It was a long time coming. He made a comment on his IG that he felt like he belonged again. Umm, sir…you never left. Get out of your head and remember who you are (said in Mufasa voice). 

P.S. that gear took the award for my all time favorite. 

-AC really impressed me this round. He took an overall P7. A wonky start by Jett gave him an advantage. He ended up leading some laps which had me hyped! I loved seeing him out front. 

-The people of moto did not seem happy with the restart rules (at least that’s how it looked on X). Before I even get into this, I want to say all that matters is that Hardy Munoz is okay. Red flags make my stomach sick. I solely liked the restart for the simple fact that it shook the standings up. Line the gate…staggered start. No one was going to be happy with this one, especially the Dangerboy Mafia. 

-The last time I was at Ironman was August of 2014. I lived about two and a half hours away so T and I decided to make the drive on race day (side note: we were on time and Troy did not get lost). At about the halfway mark the sky started to slowly turn dark. Can y’all say MUDDER?! Troy insisted it would be a sprinkle at best, but I demanded we hit up the sketchiest of Walmarts so that I could get a pair of rain boots. He caved and got a pair too, and trust me, he was glad he did. We got to the track and it was an absolute mess. I remember trying to pull the cooler through the pits and it was sinking in inches of mud. We posted up in a corner section, lawn chairs oozing into what felt like quicksand. Everything we had was just coated in mud. I loved it. The boys on the track were absolute beasts that day. They were so covered at one point I couldn’t even tell who was who. Kenny took P1 and Trey took P2. I think Marv dominated the 250s. I remember Troy talking to Trey about this race while we were in Nashville over the summer and Trey was just laughing about how much of a mud mess it was. I can’t wait to be back. I’m sure by the time you read this I’ll already be camped outside in the lot somewhere….yes, in a tent. When it comes to moto I’ll pretty much stay anywhere. Even outside.

-I survived my first week back to work. I’ve already opened about 100 lockers, broken up one fight, and watched a student vomit exorcist style across a classroom. It’s going to be a great year, boys. Just call me Mrs. Ginger. 

Slaw Dog

-Unlike Troy, Slaw is here for Har Dog. If you didn’t know, the Har and his family lost a ton of stuff in a fire. A native of Hawaii, Har is running a GoPro both motos this weekend as we here at Vurb are trying to raise some money for Har and the people of Hawaii. Go donate here if you can.

-Kid is unreal.

-Poise of a fing lion. I don’t know what that means, but I’m going with it.

-Great debut for the rookie. And he was on the pod network.

-If you aren’t following the Vurbmoto Podcast Network you don’t know moto. Recent guests have included: Damon Bradshaw, Jeff Emig, AC, Daniel Blair, RJ and more. Go listen now.

-Justin Cooper still has a chance. Just sayin.

-The Shred Tour is headed to Washougal next weekend. It’s going to be great.

-The Vurb Classic is back and we have some heavy hitters already lined up.

-Jadon Cooper has an amazing story. Go listen on the Vurbmoto Podcast Network.

-We made it through an entire season. Pool time with Claws and Dogs.

Main image: Honda HRC

Written by Troy Dog

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