Pierce Brown: “My Legs Went Flying Behind My Back and I Hit My Head”

Spring Creek hosted the sixth round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship on Saturday and featured one of the wildest pileups in recent memory in the second 250 moto.

The incident began rather inconspicuous, when Pierce Brown and RJ Hampshire collided and both went down. If it ended there, we would probably not be writing about it. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

While trying to get back on his back, Brown was hit by Jett Lawrence and then another rider. In all, millions of dollars of factory riders were on the ground and Hampshire was left with about 10 ft. of trackside banner wrapped up in his bike. The incident ended the day for both Brown and Hampshire. Lawrence recovered to finish sixth and save valuable championship points.

After the race, Brown confirmed he’s doing okay, but that the incident “was scary”.

“It was a tough day all-around, not what I was looking for but I live to fight another day. In the second moto, I was up front and moving forward a couple laps in and I collided with RJ Hampshire and as I was going to get my bike, I got hit by a couple riders. That was scary – my legs went flying behind my back and I hit my head. I wasn’t really sure how I was physically, so the Alpinestars Medics took me to the rig and went over everything to make sure I’m okay and unfortunately, that was the end of my day. Health-wise, I’m a little banged up but all good to go, so that’s one positive to take from the day and we are hoping to rebound in Washougal.”

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