New Pointing Out Rules Announced For Monster Energy Supercross

No longer will riders in Monster Energy AMA Supercross point out of the 250 class beginning in 2023. The AMA posted a Competition Bulletin of amendments coming to the series next year, which includes a new rule in regards to “pointing out” of the 250 Class.

Starting in 2023, the only way a rider will be forced to move up to the 450 class is by winning a title. In which case, the rider will be eligible to participate in the 250SX class for a maximum of four years total.

If a rider wins two 250 titles, they will be eligible to participate in the 250SX class for a maximum of three years total regardless of what year they won their second title.

A rider also must earn five points for it to count as “a season” which helps in regards to an a pre-season injury. 

Unfortunately, this rule only applies going forward. As riders who have advanced to the 450SX class through points or championships won will not be eligible to return to the 250SX class.

Below are the new rules. 

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  1. I am looking to get a sponsorship I have been competing in hossier arena cross outlaws and have got a 1st place win in the bark buster I am 37 and am riding a yz450f

  2. Well, I think that they should bring back the Riverside Grand Prix. Make it at Glen Helen. I would race it.. I am 57, and I would stomp everybody. Cause the older I get, the faster I was , dammit.. Another thing, they should bring back the IROC SERIES. I have been bitching about that for years. Just sayin. K.Mark.

  3. K.Mark,Riverside Grand Prix that OCMC & Viewfinders used to run in the 70’s & 80’s.I competed in 14 of those events.Good times,once on a husky 250 mag-all the others on 250 Yamahas,Eric W.

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