Morning Espresso: Tim Ferry’s Dad Is Cooler Than Yours; Coty Shock On Difference Between Stock & A-Kit Suspension and More

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Tim Ferry’s Dad Is Cooler Than Yours

I’ve heard this story before. I can’t recall if it was from the Tim Ferry whisperer Steve Matthes or from Tim himself. But hearing it straight from Tim’s dad IS FING AMAZING!

After Loretta’s, Weege caught up with Big Tim and got him to tell the  epic tale of tracking down a stolen motorcycle back in the day, and stealing it back from drug dealers to get Timmy to the line and win the 1990 Schoolboy class.

It starts around the 7:50 mark and is a must watch. 

Coty Shock On Difference Between Stock & A-Kit Suspension

Coty Shock has had a breakout campaign in 2021 and was recently on the Gypsy Tales podcast to talk about a host of things, including… the difference between stock and A-kit suspension. It’s a pretty cool convo. 

Rapid Fire With SX Stars

Dylan Ferrandis, Vince Friese and Brandon Hartranft are in the hot seat this week. 

Robbie Maddison’s Red Bull Backyards

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