Morning Espresso: IG Clip of the Week; MotoGP Doc in the Works; Catch up on Moto Spy; Soapbox Fails and More

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MotoGP Getting Drive to Survive Treatment

Prior to Drive to Survive, the documentary series on Netflix which takes you behind the scenes of Formula 1, Slaw had about zero to less than zero interest in F1. 

Well, after watching the first two seasons and currently trying to get through season 3, I now have about 10 percent interest. I actually watched the season opener on Sunday, and I’ll say, it’s pretty rad. 

It now looks like MotoGP is preparing to launch its own rivalry to Drive to Survive. According to The Race, the series began shooting last weekend at the opening round in Qatar. 

MotoGP is preparing to launch its own rival to F1’s hit documentary series Drive to Survive, with a film crew already on location at this weekend’s Qatar Grand Prix and The Race’s sources in the paddock believing that a deal is close to being penned that will see the series air on Amazon’s streaming platform.

Drive to Survive has been a huge hit for both F1 and for Netflix, trending as the most popular show on the streaming site this week in the aftermath of the release of the third season. It’s thought to have had a major knock-on effect on F1’s viewing figures as well, something that has already drawn attention from other sports.

It’s believed that MotoGP promoter Dorna is close to securing a deal to make it happen for the 2021 season now, with Spanish media company Mediapro producing the series and former MotoGP crew member Alessandro Di Renzo (who has previously produced a number of documentary series for Dorna’s own in-house VideoPass platform) directing.

You can read more here. Being a huge MotoGP fan, I’m freaking stoked on this. 

While we’re on the subject on bad-ass docs, catch up on this season of Moto Spy, which is produced by the same folks that run this amazing website. 

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