Morning Espresso: Herlings Stars in Commercial; Would You Rather with SX Stars; Long Live Stank and More

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Herlings Stars in Dutch Commercial

I have no clue what this is for. Slaw don’t speak Dutch. But, it appears it’s for some kind of grocery or maybe a gas station? Either way, cool commercial staring multi-time world champion Jeffrey Herlings.

Would You Rather with SX Riders

Supercross Live fired off some “Would You Rather” questions to Zach Osborne, 722 and Justin Bogle. Enjoy!

Absolute Legend

Slaw don’t like to throw the word Legendary out there lightly, so when I say Adam McGill is an ABSOLUTE LEGEND for this, trust in Slaw.

Long Live Stank

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Get well soon, Mark!

Main image: Juan Pablo Acevedo/KTM Images

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