Morning Espresso: DV vs Rutledge; New Slay Gear; Daytona 2009 PC and More

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DV vs Rutledge

You probably have listened to or seen this by now, but it’s worth revisiting again. On a recent PulpMX Show, former pro David Vuillemin and NBC Sports announcer Rutledge Wood had a not so friendly convo about fans in the sport, etc. Slaw ain’t got a hot dog in this fight, but it’s entertaining, and I’m here for it.

2009 Daytona Press Conference

Don’t ask Slaw how I stumbled upon this, because I really don’t recall. But this press conference from the 2009 Daytona Supercross is amazing. 

First, look at Davi Millsaps’ reaction to Jason Lawrence’s first answer… simply amazing. 

Secondly, a reporter asks Millsaps if taking Mike Alessi out is a throwback to amateur rivalry and he says he hit him hard but that’s only about a quarter of what he owes him. Perfection.  

Slay Gear

Last week, in this very column, we talked about how Axell Hodges had parted ways with longtime gear sponsor, Seven. Slaw figured he was about to get fat paid by another gear company. Not so fast, doggies.

Looks like Slay is starting his own gear line. And, no, that’s not the Shift logo. It’s S for Slay. 

Axell debuted it last weekend at Arlington 3. 

RV on New Monster Pod

Member Fuel TV? Only the greatest channel ever invented. 

Member the show “The Adventures of Danny and the Dingo” featuring two-time Olympic silver medalist Danny Kass and snowboarder personality The Dingo? It was a pretty cool. 

Anyway, Monster recently started a podcast called “Unleashed” hosted by Kass and Dingo and for the second episode they had Ryan Villopoto on. Check it out here. 

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