Mini O’s Saturday Espresso & Friday Gallery

Everyone at Mini O’s, including our crew, has to be absolutely exhausted by now. We’re now on to our sixth straight day of racing, and from the sounds of it, the end isn’t even in site. This morning they still have to finish 18 Motocross Heat Races, followed by 47 LCQs, and then the same number of main events. I may or may not be a math wizard, but I’d say a super late Sunday finish in inevitable. Hopefully they can turn on the lights like they used to at World Mini… I think they may need them to avoid taking the record for longest amateur national on record. While unlikely, a few people I spoke to yesterday are seriously concerned about having to stay until Monday. But knowing Wyn Kern and the Unlimited Sports crew, I think they’ll magically get it done, as always.

If you’re a fan of our old school stuff, you’re going to love this. #vurbmotounseen

One thing I can say, as I sit in my computer chair from the comfort of my office, is the motocross track looks unreal this year. I mentioned it in an earlier post this week, but since we’ve been out of the game for a minute, I have no idea when the track redesign happened, but I give it one big HELL YEA. I personally haven’t done Mini O’s since 2012 or 2013, but I might be adding it back to my calendar for 2021.

You can watch today’s livestream right here on vurbmoto. And here’s live timing and results.

Below is a gallery from Mike Vizer yesterday.


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Vurb Unseen: Izzi / Stroupe / Hewitt at Mini O’s 2006

Schoolboy 1 Mini O’s Motocross GoPro ft. Myles Gilmore