Mini Major East: A Truly Unique Event

At vurb we honor creativity. We have one rule that we try and live by: if someone else is doing it, we need to do it different.

Creativity breeds new ideas. It pushes the boundaries and inspires growth. We want to see everyone in the motorcycle industry work together for the betterment of the sport, which is why we were stoked that the Mini Major crew invited us out for their second annual Seven MX Mini Major East race at Monster Mountain.

Promoting ain’t easy. And it’s risky as hell. The cost to put on an event can quickly grow out of control and if nobody shows up or Mother Nature decides to give you a black eye, well, you’re screwed. Add to that the logistics of doing it 800 miles from your backyard and that risk grows even more.

But when it pays off and you put on something truly special, it becomes much less about the money and much more about saying you accomplished something that not many others have. You did something unique, you pushed the boundaries and you inspired growth.

If you’re not changing you’re dying. As we set our sights on helping build what the next few decades of motocross will look like, we love seeing brands, promotors and athletes inspire change through what they do.

The Mini Major East is here to stay, and we’re amped to play our part in helping build awareness for such a truly creative event.

Until next year!

Written by Bird Dog

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