5 Cool Things About the Mini Major

This weekend, Freestone Raceway in Wortham, Texas, will play host to the final Mini Major event of the year. With its central location, this event is quickly becoming a must do for mini moto families looking for intense racing and gate drops as the clock winds down on the fourth quarter of 2023. If you or your grom shreds a supermini or smaller, Mini Major events are cool. Here is why.   

Mini’s Only

At this event, the Supermini class will take center stage as the track is developed for minis by minis. This means lines will shape up differently as well as the braking bumps coming into each corner. Aaron Cooke, the mastermind behind Mini Major, was quoted as saying “because we don’t feature full sized motocross bikes in any of our classes, the track shapes up differently and allows the track to develop in ways that complements both the bikes and riding styles of these youngsters.” With this event placing focus on the younger classes, young athletes can truly grab the slot light as A and B level classes are not there to steal their thunder.

Additional Unique Classes

With the absence of “big bike classes” the race program allows Aaron Cooke and his team to be inventive in terms of what classes are available for your races to compete in. An increased variety of classes brings a tailor-made feel along with increased track times. More time on the track and a better opportunity to show out for the fans and sponsors? Sign me up. Mini Major offers classifications that simply cannot be accommodated by other events which means more throttle therapy for your little ripper.

Important Battle Grounds

This Mini Major happens to take place at Freestone. The home of the first of two Spring Nationals known as the “Texas Two Step” which will take place in early 2024. A Mini Major at Freestone is the perfect proving ground for young athletes to gain experience and race craft on this specific course. If you are going to make an effort towards motocross super stardom, you are going to roll through the front gates of Freestone at some point. Success at Mini Major just might translate into glory at the highest level of motocross.

Fun and Games

Have you heard about the father/son race? That’s right. Just because you don’t fit a Supermini, doesn’t mean you’re not spinning laps. The likes of Andrew Short, Josh Grant and even Chad Reed have swung a leg over their son’s bike and participated in the ultra-fun team race. Whether you’re impressed with how fast the old guys are on a mini cycle or just laughing hysterically at the very sight on it, the father/son race allows for bonding, laughter and adds the overall vibe of the mini major. 


Did someone say prizes? If shredding with your friends all weekend was not enough, Mini Major always features a ton of awesome prizes from companies like Seven MX, Red Line Oil and Dunlop. Even if you don’t drive out of Freestone with a trophy sitting on the dash of your rig, you very well could be leaving with a fresh set of Dunlop Tires. 

There are a ton of reasons to check out the Mini Major and if you’re not planning on lining up this weekend, we hope you’ll be consumed by the fear of missing out and make plans to race the next one. Mini Major has been on the rise for eight years and will continue to evolve for many years to come. 

Written by BigMxRadio

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