MAVTV Plus Closing, Pro Motocross Streaming Moving to Flo Sports

Wow, we just got this notification! Big News… read on

MAVTV Plus Subscribers,
We are grateful for your patience with the MAVTV Plus streaming platform. Our goal has always been to bring you the best motorsports streaming coverage possible, which is why we are thrilled to announce a new partnership to do just that!

MAVTV has teamed up with FloSports for all LIVE event streaming of MAVTV Plus programming. FloSports is an innovator in sports streaming offering incredible programming and original content live and on demand across 25+ sport categories ranging from motorsports, combat sports, rugby, baseball, football and more. Their dedicated motorsports channel, FloRacing, is an industry leading streaming service that features 2,000+ live racing events annually combined with deep editorial coverage of the sport. We expect this partnership to deliver an elevated viewing experience of live motorsports programming for MAVTV Plus subscribers along with a robust customer support team.

MAVTV Plus content will be moving to a new home on a dedicated FloSports channel called “MAVTV on FloRacing” that can be accessed through various FloSports apps or at FloSports is available on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and Chromecast.
What does this mean for monthly subscribers?

    •    Starting Thursday, June 30th, all MAVTV Plus live programming will become available on FloRacing, while also being streamed on MAVTV Plus. After Tuesday, July 26 at midnight, all live MAVTV Plus content will only be streamed on FloRacing. In order to watch new race broadcasts on our schedule after that day, you will need a subscription to FloRacing.

    •    Your current MAVTV Plus account will remain active until midnight on July 26 unless it expires before that date.

    •    If your subscription expires before July 27, it will not auto-renew, and you will not see any future charges from MAVTV. Upon expiration, you will no longer have access to MAVTV Plus, but will be able to sign up at FloRacing to gain access to all of the future MAVTV Plus programming and lots lots more

    •    If you already have a FloRacing subscription, you will have immediate access to new, live MAVTV Plus programming on FloRacing.

    •    FloSports is offering current monthly MAVTV Plus subscribers (who do not already have a FloRacing account) a special limited-time discounted rate of $6.99 a month to sign up with FloRacing. You can redeem this offer with the following link: REDEEM NOW

    •    The special discounted rate is only available till midnight on September 3, 2022, so be sure to act on this offer right away to continue streaming new, live MAVTV Plus programming.

    •    Keep in mind this rate will provide access to over 2,000 races year-round at an incredible value of under 10 cents a race. A real bargain for motorsports fans that includes MAVTV Plus programming plus USAC, All Star Circuit of Champions, Eldora Speedway, IRA Outlaw Sprints, Short Track Super Series, NASCAR Roots, drag racing, moto, off-roading, and snocross events all year round… and so much more.

    •    Starting in January 2023, your monthly subscription will auto-renew at the FloSports monthly rate currently set at $29.99.

Thank you again for your patience and for your loyalty and support. We hope you enjoy the new streaming experience!
For any questions or concerns please email [email protected].
Let’s Go Racing!


  1. Yes we paid for a full year subscription. When do we get reinbursed? We paid on 6/5/22. You had to know this was happening but took our full years subscription which was $106.99 with taxes.

  2. What in the actual F%^^&*K is wrong with this POS Greed Fest Company $360.00 F$%^&KING dollars a year!!!! Keep in mind that most of us don’t give a FF about most of the other content!!! We just want to watch Pro Level Motocross. MAV TV was a horrific kick in the face of millions of fans, and the answer to this complete and unprecedented FLOP is to high a MMA fighter to come in and do the kicking for them better.

    GO F%^&K Yourself

  3. Do motocross a favor and leave it out of your business for the rest of time and give everyone their money back. Every race is a different battle to see the race and now this? I’m watching the race on youtube now, why? Because the old service doesn’t have it and the old service say it won’t be on for 3 more days, F that.

  4. I have had nothing but problems with MAVTV plus now this. Have to have to subscription to watch pro motocross now this is ridiculous. Not a happy camper right now! Go back to peacock I never had a problem with super cross. I’m not going down this loop of joining another broadcast. Sucks cause I’m a huge moto fan…

  5. This is total bull ! I can not get Mav tv anymore plus Flosports is NOT showing pro Moto cross WTF ! Is this a f…… scam ?

Written by Vurbwes Chilidog

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