Largest Women’s Pro Purse in the World on the Line at Vurb Classic + Win a NEW YZ 250F

Ok, this isn’t click bait so don’t be pissed. Well, it kind of is, but don’t hang up. We’re already up to $11k raised and we are raffling off a brand spankin’ new YZ250F to raise the rest.

Note that you 100% DO NOT have to donate to the Women’s Pro Purse through a raffle ticket purchase to enter. No purchase necessary. All you have to do is sign up for our email list, which is completely free.

Purse total as of 9/20/22. Use this image on your social channels. Use #vurbclassic #womenspropurse. Link to raffle:

All proceeds from the raffle donation will go towards the Women’s Pro Purse. Anything over $30k raised will go towards the Men’s Pro Purse. Fees associated with bike purchase and any other associated fees will also be deducted prior to distributing funds.

Tickets are $25 and the bike winner will be announced on Saturday, October 1st live at the Mad Skills Motocross Vurb Classic. We will also be doing a live podcast from the event with tons of industry cool guys and will announce it to the rest of the world live via the podcast. Did we mention it will be live?

You DO NOT have to be present to win. The loving folks at Yamaha have agreed to ship the bike anywhere in the continental United States. Tons more rules and regulations can be read here.

When we hooked up with multi-time WMX Champion, Jessica Patterson, last year to host this event we knew we wanted to do something special for women’s racing. Well, how’s this for special!? We’ll be updating the fund raising daily through and our social channels.

Help us make this the largest Women’s Pro Purse in the world AND get your shot at winning a new YZ250F.

Use this image on your social channels. Use #vurbclassic #womenspropurse. Link to raffle:
LDC Landscape Design$4,000
Privateer Connection$1,000
LVL UP Training Facility$500
On Track School$500
Alex Parker$501
Fortified Fencing$501
Marks Grading$528
Foothills Motorsports$200
Suspension Solutions$200
Amanda Brown$200
Jennifer Shimminger$250
Theresa Novak$200
Stephan Posey$200
T&D Grading$100
Maine Event$100
Heavy D (woohoo!)$100
Stott Construction$100
BDR Suspension$300
Good Time Garage$100
Jake Allen $133
Leveled Up Construction$100
Danielle Izykowizz$20
Wes Williams$300
Amy Gore$100
Bethany Brooks$50
Bryce Martinez$25
Trent Wilson$125
Ian Runyon$25
David Whelan$100
Robbie Farmer$200
Logan Bell$100
Taylor Stewart$100
Drew Embleton$200
Tabitha Cooper$200

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