Kawasaki Announces 2023 Motorcycle Models Including the Updated KX250 and KX250X 

New model alert! Kawasaki has released its 2023 models, which include lineup changes to the KX250 motocross and KX250X cross-country. The KX450 and KX450X will continue without major changes. Below is the official PR from Kawi.

Kawasaki is very excited to announce the launch of our 2023 KX™ and KLX® motorcycles that includes the updated KX™250 and KX™250X motorcycles.

UPDATED 2023 KX™250 Motorcycle

Giving Kawasaki more Supercross and Motocross championships than any other manufacturer, the KX™ name is synonymous with winning. The KX™250 motorcycle is the championship-proven machine built so you can ‘Be Next’. Be the next champion. Be the next hero. Be the next legend. Be the next trailblazer for an entire generation of greatness. On the KX250, your time is now.
Thanks to an updated engine, the most powerful KX250 to date was achieved, increasing performance at all rpm. Complementing the improved power is the new racer-friendly gearing, revised suspension settings, and new tires that offer improved handling when cornering. Together, these updates contribute to quicker lap times that make the KX250 an even more potent weapon on the racetrack.
• NEW Increased engine performance
• NEW Racer-friendly gearing
• NEW Fine-tuned suspension
• NEW Dunlop MX33 tires with a wider 110/90-19 rear tire
• NEW Lighter and wider footpeg design 

UPDATED 2023 KX™250X Motorcycle

In addition to the KX250, the KX™250X cross country model returns for 2023 and shares many of the updates found on its motocross counterpart. The KX250X has been purposely tuned for closed-course off-road to dominate race courses in both the woods and the desert, offering riders the required components for off-road competition.

  • NEW Increased engine performance
  • NEW Racer-friendly gearing
  • NEW Wider footpeg design
  • 18-inch rear wheel
  • Off-road race-ready suspension

In addition, the following KX™ and KLX® motorcycles are returning for 2023:

KLX®110R L
KLX®140R L
KLX®140R F
KLX®230R S

No major changes for the Kawi 450….

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