Morning Espresso: J-Mart Joins the Squad Pod: “Us Old Dogs Keep Plugging Away and We’re Still in the Mix”

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Muc-Off/FXR/ClubMX Yamaha’s Jeremy Martin is hungry and looking forward to round one of the 250SX East Region in Detroit on February 3rd.

It’s been a while since anyone has really heard from J-Mart, so I had him join me on the Squad Pod, which will be out on Friday. We talked about a wide range of topics including his injury last summer and coming back from it, his three-year deal with ClubMX and how the facility has advanced, how fast he came to prominence in the pro ranks, yelling at Phil, plus more. 

I’m going to share this teaser with you to hold you over until the pod drops, but you’ll want to listen to the entire interview after reading this, I promise. 

Vurbmoto: You see Jordon and you see RJ having the success that they have in the West right now, we’re only two rounds in, anything can happen, but does that kind of get in your head a little bit? Like, hey these guys are also veterans, maybe it kind of is my year?
Yeah, I think it just kind of depends, right? I mean, Jordon’s definitely stacked up a lot of injuries and RJ’s been building the last couple of years, he’s really kind of broken through. I think it’s cool to see. They say as you get older you tend to slow down or whatever, but us old dogs keep plugging away and we’re still in the mix. I think it’s definitely encouraging from my seat and I’m looking forward to having a good year with the ClubMX team. 

Overall, I found J-Mart’s attitude about everything pretty interesting. He seems calm and cool, yet hungry and ready to race. He made a mention that he wants to be like the old J-Mart and a gamer on race day. He’s recovered from his dislocated wrist and has been putting in the work with his teammates, so he knows where he stands. He’s not looking for fourths or fifths. He’s also the only previous 250 champion racing on the east, which is also interesting. He has the experience, like Smith and Hampshire, so this may be his best chance at a championship in SX. 

Listen to the full interview on the Squad Pod, tomorrow when it drops on the Vurbmoto Podcast Network. 

Main Image: ClubMX

Written by Troy Dog

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