I Have Questions After Red Bull KTM and Cooper Webb Parted Ways

I, along with a lot of moto fans, have questions. Today, KTM and Cooper Webb parted ways. 

Look, we all knew this was coming. Webb’s return to Star Racing Yamaha for 2024 has long been rumored. But after five rounds? After Webb opted in to race Pro Motocross?

Yeah, big fing shocker. 

Slaw is no capital J journalist. I do not have “sources”. I have not talked to Webb. I, like you, am coming at this from a fans point of view. Do I have thoughts and takes? Bet ya *** I do. 

Here they are:

Will Webb Race Pro Motocross Again in 2023?

This is big. This being moto, we don’t have the specifics on Webb’s contract. Did they just tear it up? Would KTM allow Webb to race for another brand? Did they negotiate a buy-out? I don’t know, but if I had to guess, I bet Webb shows up at the last few rounds to prepare for the SMX Playoffs.


Whelp, looks like Webb answered this one. I already had written this masterpiece and will not delete now. I will take my L and continue to solider on.

Does He Race SMX?

Most contracts in moto go through October 1. Its the official start of Silly Season and why you always see long rumored deals announced on that day. 

Webb’s deal this year was different. It was SX-only with an option to race Pro Motocross. Per KTM, Webb opted in after his injury at Nashville. 

Cooper had the option in his contract as to whether he wanted to race outdoors and he decided at Daytona that he would not compete in AMA Pro Motocross in 2023. However, following his SX season-ending crash in Nashville, Cooper reached out about racing MX and KTM agreed to support him for the summer. Both sides came into the series somewhat underprepared and a practice crash before RedBud sidelined Cooper once again. 

If he doesn’t return for Pro Motocross, would he race the SMX Playoffs? Again, I would think yes. With so much money on the line, I don’t think Webb would have agreed to this deal without that option. 

Those are some thoughts… and I could be totally wrong. 

Main image: KTM Images

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

Red Bull KTM, Cooper Webb Part Ways

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