“It’s About Time That I Did It, You Know?” Hymas Wins Overall at RedBud Despite Being Docked Five Points

It was a day to remember for HRC Honda’s Chance Hymas at Redbud going 4-1 for hist first Pro Motocross overall win!

Hymas will remember this day forever, but he’ll remember it for different reasons as well. He’ll remember it for the day he was docked!

Followinf 250MX Moto 1, the word spread around the pits that Hymas was docked five points for jumping on the red cross flag. Here is the official statement from the MX Sports press release.

Hymas’ victory, and points gain in the championship standings, was negated by a penalty that was assessed to him in Moto 1 for jumping on a red cross flag (Rule 1.6.14, Section F, Item 4). The punishment for the violation was a deduction of five championship points (Penalty Section 3.1.8, Item E.2).

“I could kind of see it coming into the corner.” Hymas said in the press conference. “What confused me was that it wasn’t on the lip of the jump. So, that’s what threw me off, but honestly I should have just rolled it just for precaution. I could see over the lip that nobody was there, so I jumped it and it didn’t make it any better that everybody behind me rolled it. “It was a dumb mistake on my part, I should have had my head up and should have realized the situation.”

Hymas went onto finish fourth in that first Moto, but he said in the press conference that he was angry for his performance in the Moto. He didn’t like the fact that he had dropped to fourth after a great start and leading laps. The the penalty added insult to injury as well.

“It’s hard for me because they kind of went back and forth on it, like you’re going to get docked for this, you’re going to get docked for that. No, it should be this, or it should be that,” Hymas said. “So, it’s like alright, I’m just going to go ride my dirtbike. I got docked a few points, but it is what it is. I’m glad the results stayed the same, that’s all I can say!”

It appears that you shouldn’t make Chance Hymas angry because he came out in the second Moto, grabbed the holeshot and checked out early. Despite being down over 40 points to Haiden Deegan, these results are a regular thing now. Hymas has arrived and he knows where he belongs.

“Yeah, I mean especially after winning that Moto after Thunder Valley, my next goal was to win an overall,” Hymas said in the press conference. “It was definitely emotional for me at Thunder Valley because it was a relief that I finally did it. It was like alright, I belong here now, so after today it’s like man, it’s about time that I did it, you know?

The HRC Honda team had a big day with Hymas winning, Jo Shimoda finishing second in the second Moto and third overall on the day. Hunter Lawrence finished third overall in the 450 class.

Main Image: Octopi Media

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