Hunter Lawrence Talks RedBud Crash, How He’s Feeling, and What Happened

HRC Honda’s Hunter Lawrence was looking for a Moto win at RedBud as he held the top spot with only two laps to go in the first Moto.

Lawrence had fended off the hard charging Chase Sexton the entire race to that point and it seemed like Lawrence would raise his intensity whenever Sexton would apply pressure.

Unfortunately Lawrence would make a crucial mistake on a choppy downhill on the backside of the track with two laps to go. He looked as though he would save it until his throttle hand came off and he went to the ground pretty hard.

“It happened so fast and it was kind of weird,” Lawrence said in the post race press conference. “A lot of things caught me off guard with hitting the bump or something, then by the time my wheels hit the ground again, the bike was not directly underneath me. I was constantly having to react to stuff to fix it. It kicked and I tried to gas out of it and dropped the front wheel into the face of one of the steep, gnarly ones. Yeah, that just snapped so fast. Unlike the 250, when the ol’ 450 goes, she bucks pretty hard, so strap yourself in for the ride and do your best to save it!”

Lawrence went on to say that he hit his head pretty good and the side of his face.

“I’m okay,” Lawrence said. I just kind of gave my head a bit of a knock, which all things considering we’ll take and yeah, it’s all good.”

Sexton did add in the press conference that he thought that he was going to save it as he had a front seat view to the entire crash.

“I tried my best,” Lawrence replied.

Main Image: Octopi Media

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