Gatorback Winter AM: 250 Prosport Class + Scuba/Futrell Battle

Florida in the winter! While “normal” people are scheduling beach vacations to the Sunshine State in July, gearheads from all over the east coast flock to Florida during the frozen months to visit some of the most pristine tracks in the country.  And if you’re an amateur looking to get some gate drops before the March Nationals, the Winter Am series offers up plenty of competition.

Back in our start up days we would migrate with the ducks down to Florida for two months and cover the Winter Ams. From watching Barcia and Ian Trettel rip Dade City to witnessing Taylor Futrell and Steven Clarke throw down at Waldo Motorsports Park in 2008, we witnessed some of the best racing in the country while most people were busy shoveling their driveways.

The OG’s Know What This is

While we’re dreaming of the day that we can drift through Florida for months at a time covering races, our own Danny Stuart took advantage of a day off from Moto Spy to hit the Gatorback stop of the 2021 Winter Am Series, where he caught Jack Chambers and crew ripping ruts in the 250 A class as they prep for Daytona. 


Written by DannyStu

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