Gas For Your Tank: De Coster’s Comments on Cooper Webb

While taking a break from shredding the gnar, BoogieDawg found himself at all three Arlington rounds shooting a really really cool spy series that just released Episode 5. 

We all know what happened during the Arlington “residency” (a word that’s becoming WAYYY too overused in the broadcast, sorry GoatDawg): Cooper Webb cleaned house and owned the sh*t out of Texas. 

Perhaps it was revenge from last year when that very same dirt sent him into an unsuccessful front flip straight to concrete, full FailArmy style.. or maybe the kid is just really damn good at managing championships. I’m not one to say, and don’t care either way. Whatever the reason, the 2019 champ made Arlington his b****.

On top of the perfect “residency” something completely unpredicted and unexpected happened after Arlington 3. KTM Director of Motosports, more commonly known as The Man, Roger De Coster said some pretty big words about Cooper. If you missed it in the episode here’s a video below.

If at first look you’re asking yourself, “Did RD seem a bit emotional here?” I think the answer is yes. I, BoogieDawg, was the one behind the lens and was thinking that exact same thing while filming this. Ole Salmon Dawg definitely had a sparkle in his eye and seemed to be a bit choked up. Very out of character for RD.

As soon as we wrapped up the interview it hit me, those are some SERIOUS words that just got said about Coop. “The guy can deal with pressure, maybe better than anybody I’ve ever worked with. It’s unbelievable.” 

Take a step back and really think about this. Consider the merit of riders Roger has fostered and what those names have gone on to do in the sport. No discredit to any of his previous athletes, some have even went on to become four time SX champions, but, for The Man himself to say those words about Mini Coop all while showing noticeable emotion is a big, BIG deal, and is definitely worth mentioning.

I only hope that one day I myself can have the same things said about me after a solid boogie session on a Tuesday afternoon. 

Main image: Octopi Media

Written by Boogie Dawg

Just a former farm dawg turned beach dawg who lives for the boogie.

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